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Replies: 0
Zones: Genetics
What is a good price for a healthy adult snow bull snake?  I have seen prices around $250, does this sound like a fair price?

Replies: 10
Zones: Mouth
Does my boas mouth look funny? If so, what do you guys think could be wrong and what should I do about it? Could it just be due to shedding, and should I wait til she sheds before panicking?

Replies: 5
Tagged: Health, Crested, Gecko, Crestedgecko
Zones: General Health, Caging, Genetics
   I think I know what killed three of my four crested gecko babies. Two were only days old and the third was just hitting a month old. Humidity is good, and normally heat is good in the room between 74-76 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't…

Replies: 11
Tagged: JungleCarpetPython, Breeding
Zones: Egg Laying
  So, my jungle carpet female laid these eggs today. I'm wondering if anyone might know why she keeps laying so many boob eggs. Last year she laid 22 eggs, 15 of which were boob eggs. None of them hatched but it was her first year. This year…

Replies: 1
Zones: Feeding
I have a 9 month old female veiled chameleon I got around 2 months ago that stopped eating completely  around a month ago no matter what I offer she doesn't look thin she's very alert and active she's drinking a lot of water her stomach doesn't…

Replies: 4
Zones: General Health, Skin
Hello everyone!  I have a madagascar ground boa, and last night when I held her, I noticed that she really smells like pee.  I am guessing she crawled through it before I could get her paper changed.  I use doggie potty pads rather…

Replies: 0
Zones: Genetics
I was wondering if there are any ball python breeders in the kansas area or if anyone was selling any older ball pythons i am looking for a female ball python thats a little bit older and biger 

Replies: 9
Tagged: Belly, Python, Disease, Vet, Worried
Zones: General Health, Infectious Disease, Finding A Vet
Hi. I was just wondering if I should drop everything and rush to the vet. I just noticed this redness today. I have been busy with work and an new puppy, the dog is very attached to me and I have been keeping them away from each other. I noticed…

Replies: 8
Zones: General Health, Prolapse
I have an 8 month old Royal Ball python and I've had him for a couple months.He is a very very calm snake and enjoys being held.Im also a first time ball python owner and I'm still learning about them.His subrstate has great humidity is between…

Replies: 2
Zones: Feeding, Cycling
I have a Female Speckled Kingsnake roughly three years old.  She's a terrific eater, but began refusing food last Fall, and I put her in brumation for 3 months.  When I took her out of brumation in February, she began feeding again…
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