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Replies: 3
Tagged: Royalpython
Is it true a royal python needs a heat lamp when it gets older?

Replies: 3
Zones: General Health
My Cuban Knight Anole did this for the first time yesterday- extending a huge dewlap! Does this mean I have a male?

Replies: 8
I bought a new lemon blast ball python a couple of weeks ago at the reptile show I always go to. My son and I both held her and she seemed good tempered. The only thing they said was that she was shy. I let her settle into her environment for…

Replies: 4
Zones: General Health, Heating
I have 9 snakes..varying from 7 to 2 feet..all doing very well..1 was at vet yesterday..they have their own room in my house...temp and humidity seem fine..as they shed, devacate and eat normally...no problems..I've used stick on thermometers but…

Replies: 8
Zones: Genetics
Hey all,    Anybody in the New Hampshire are going to the Manchester Reptile Expo this weekend?  I've never been to a reptile expo, but am stoked to be driving the hour and a half to check it out.  I do have a few questions and…

Replies: 6
Zones: General Health
My baby ball python won't eat or drink. Can the South of frozen food to live fuzzies the reason. Some one please help 

Replies: 38
Zones: Skin
I am hoping I'm doing enough. So today I soaked her and cleaned her up. Then I soaked her in beta dine and warm water. I totally switched cages and layered it with paper. I then put triple antibiotic cream with no pain relief on her belly. She also…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Ballpython, Morphs
Zones: Genetics
Hey, I'm wondering what this morph is! The mom was sold as a "high gold" a longg time ago. About 10 years. They also said she was het for something but didn't say what because they would have to increase the price and my aunt and uncle were just…

Replies: 7
Zones: Skin
Recently purchased this animal was curious if anyone knew maybe what morph it is. 

Replies: 1
Zones: Genetics
This is one of the two geckos I hatched that year. I post his photo, because a gecko breeder told me he most probably is an Eclipse morph. I am not sure. His father is a Tremper albino male, the female is seemingly normal. I bought her already…
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