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Q: Beardie sleeping
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Recently added  a  new baby Icarus a Bearded Dragon .... Question is do they all sleep in strange  positions? He/ she  sleeps standing against the  glass.... yes I know Icky will need a  larger enclosure soon for  now it' keeps  him from getting to tired  from the hunter  or vicious crickets lol but no really he sleeps in  some really weird positions am I over protective or is this normal?

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Author Comment 9/8/2011 12:20:58 AM


the spelling and  grammar  on  that is horrible my apologies tired

Member Comment 9/8/2011 12:51:46 AM


My baby beardies sleep strangely too. They sleep in all sorts of positions I have not noticed anything abnormal about it. One of them sleeps with his/her legs all pointed backwards streached out they sleep against the glass. But, frankly I have seen nothing wrong with it. It might just be the way they are. You can try and do more research and all, but from what I have read it is actually normal for them to be..how to say odd sleepers?

Author Comment 9/8/2011 1:04:29 AM


After a few searches  it seems to be the norm but  I wanted to ask a source I trusted over random google stangers if that makes any sense

Member Comment 9/8/2011 1:12:43 AM


Oh yes thats very understandable.

Member Comment 9/8/2011 1:36:28 AM


normal. against the wall/glass, half burrowed in the sand, nose in the corner, arm bent back.... on a log, etc.. all normal...  at least to my knowledge

Member Comment 9/8/2011 1:54:48 AM


Yup, they will sleep in the strangest positions. Pretty much, wherever and however they fall asleep is generally where they stay. My boy doesn't sleep in many odd positions just because he's lazy--he's always in some comfy laying position when the lights go out, and stays there.

(By the way--and I'm sorry if you've heard this before--but I would HIGHLY recommend ditching the sand. It can cause some major problems, most especially with baby beardies! We're talking impaction, eye infections (if a piece gets in the eye), I've even heard of abscesses. Something like paper towel or tile is cheap, easy to clean, and SO much safer.)

Member Comment 9/8/2011 1:58:24 AM


Oh--Sorry, I see now that what I'm seeing in the picture is a background? Not sand... Heh. The information still stands if you ever consider sand, but sorry for the mix-up. :P

Member Comment 9/8/2011 2:58:49 AM


Yes Yes Yes.. LOL My beardies sleep in the most akward positions. Head propped up on a cork piece, almost vertical up against a rock and.... my personal favorite...head on the food bowl. 

Member Comment 9/8/2011 9:33:48 AM


I love how beardies sleep.  Upright against the glass, on the floor with legs splayed in horrifying positions, half on the hammock half off... just last night he was on his basking platform, legs dangling, and head resting on a nearby branch.  I think if I ever found any of my other critters motionless in some of those positions, I'd completely freak out.

Member Comment 9/8/2011 10:24:45 AM


I have 18 baby beardies that all sleep kind of funny.  I usually think half of them are dead since they sleep so still.  Then I picked them up and they look at me like, how dare you wake me, lol.

Author Comment 9/8/2011 4:38:23 PM


Thanks thats a custom 3d  background on a  ten gallon and no he  isn't on sand he  is on a  crushed walnut  substrate thanks ! Also the back ground had  been  properly  cured and  rinsed  specially for him and yes I  will be investing in a  larger tank very soon it was my  understanding that  the babies need smaller  tanks to keep from getting tuckered  out in hunting crickets , which  will also be short lived I will be ordering my dubia roaches soon as  well as I have 5 frogs in addition to the beardie. Thanks ever one I know this is  probably really silly but I have  waited  years for this  little  guy and  want to make sure he lives  a happy comfortable life .

Accepted Answer 9/8/2011 7:46:23 PM


Oh dear--Crushed walnut shell is no better (arguably, even worse!!) than sand. It's not even remotely digestible, and the very rough, often larger pieces are even more prone to locking together in the gut and creating a serious blockage.

I urge you to switch him off the walnut shell as soon as possible. Bearded dragons genuinely do better on a non-particle substrate--one that's simply physically impossible to eat (because, in that respect, they just aren't very smart!). Since getting my first beardie, I've used repti-carpet, paper towel, slate tile, non-stick shelf liner, and a linoleum scrap all with great success. Most of it is pretty easy to clean, the slate or the right linoleum scrap look nice and "natural," and, best of all, they can't EAT it, so it's actually safe!

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