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Q: how will i know when my ball python is hungry
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pam's ball python

i just purchased my ball python around thanksgiving and it has already went through one shed everything went smoothly the petstore told me they fed them every monday she had a couple of mice before her shed then after her shed it took a minute for her to finally feed anyway at one point i have went through a couple of mice so i wanted to know if there are any signs where you can tell for sure they are hungry cause i dont want to keep buying mice and she wont touch them she just had one like four days ago and then she curled up for a couple of days    but now shes up and moving around and flicking her tounge and trying to get out usually i take her out for a few minutes when she does that but could that mean she is hungry again  when she starts moving around alot and flicking her toungue. does that mean she is looking for something to eat when she starts moving around again this is my first snake so please be understanding.  thanks.

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Usually activity and "hunting" at night is a good sign they are hungry. I know mine only come out when they are getting ready to eat. Mice don't keep them full long, just make sure you're feeding her the appropriate sized meal.

Member Comment 1/2/2012 4:30:53 PM


So are you feeding her live mice?  I have read your post a couple of times and trying to figure out why you say you have went through a couple of mice.  What temp and humidity are you keeping her at?  Figuring them out is a process of elimination, after figuring out everything with your husbandry is right then you have to figure out if she is sick or not, then we can determine why she may not be eating.  If everything else is ok and the snake is healthy then it just be the snake, some won't eat for a week or longer, nothing usually to worry about unless you can see them getting scrawny.  Like I said though the first thing is temp and humidity, belly heat?  How are you keeping the snake?

Accepted Answer 1/2/2012 5:14:04 PM


I feed my young ball pythons every 5-7 days, many snakes will eat as much as you will feed them, but kids will eat as much candy as you give them too, so it's not always a good thing.  My adult bps get fed every 7-10 days, sometimes more during certain parts of the breeding season, but the soonest is every 5 days.

Snakes sometimes move a lot sometimes they don't.  They'll rest more while digesting and be more active at night as Leah pointed out.  And agreed about feeding an appropriate sized meal.  I use the girth method, prey size should be 1.5x the size of the thickest part of the snake.  If you snake refuses I wouldn't worry, it's a ball python, I've heard of them going on fasts for a year, unless they start to lose weight, I don't worry.

Member Comment 1/2/2012 5:15:52 PM


+1 Slider for temps and humidity, if you don't have a temp gun and a humidity gauge already put it on your shopping list cause you'll need them.

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most pet shopes feed dead rats are mice to there snake the two i got from a pet store ate dead mice  buy frozen mice look on line  if you need some help let me no i get mine from the reptile shows  i  pay about 40cents for mice and about 1.50 for med size rats flickering of the toung she s not hungery win every they are in new sourdings  basely he or she just geting used to her cage

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i no 6 gms at 6  pet cos they all feed them dead mice i keep my snakes about 77 to 82  they eat just fine except my white lip win sheading i keep her cage at 85 to90  pluse umidey at 85 per cent

Member Comment 1/2/2012 5:48:48 PM


If you want to buy online I personally use RodentPro if I'm running low and can't make it to the local expo, I've found they have the best prices, but in my area we have a reptile expo once a month so I usually just drive up there every month to stock up, plus I like to look around.  There's a guy up there that sells mice for 30 cents a piece!  Great deals in Havre de Grace!

Member Comment 1/2/2012 5:52:48 PM


Dana, that's low for bps.  They need a basking side around 88-94 degrees, the low side I would keep around 80-84 degrees.  During breeding I turn the heat off, but for the rest of the year they really should have a basking spot.

Member Comment 1/2/2012 6:12:46 PM


yes they do  i do have baskein lights on my cage i have them on dont get me wrong i do keep them warm i had mine a long time they stay in my bed room so they addaped to revoleing temps this why we need to have a froum so we can  talk  not just anwer qustions am on face book are email me

Member Comment 1/2/2012 7:08:03 PM


Ok wait, I'm a little confused, please don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes what you write doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  I believe you're saying they've adapted which to me doesn't seem right, snakes can't adapt to cooler temps they are set at certain temps for a reason, it's fine if it gets cooler at night, but what temp is their hot spot at?

The second thing that I want to clarify is you said we need a forum so we can talk?  What's wrong with talking here, pm, or on blogs?  I can't really email you without your email address, but I also wouldn't see the point, it's simple discussion about temps which is part of iHerp answers, why should it be private?

Like I said, please don't take it the wrong way, but maybe proof read your posts to make them flow a little smoother.

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