We're having a warm spell here, and my male crestie (currently in with two 40g+ females) is already trying to breed (evidence is a very small scab on one of my female's neck...along with his hemipenes being out at times).

My females aren't eating as much as they usually do. Normally the food is empty by morning, but recently it's still there with a few tongue licks in it. Everyone is still active. Calcium sacks look good. One female lost a gram in a week, the other stayed the same, so I'm not too worried about their weight yet. First breeding season as if you couldn't tell lol. (last year the females were 30-35g and I'd rather wait until they were 40g). I haven't noticed any digging in the laybox yet. (EcoEarth in gladware container. Paper towels as main substrate.)

When females are gravid, would they gain/lose weight or stay the same?
Will their eating habits slow/stop?
When is normal breeding season, by the way? I've heard late winter, early spring.

Is it possible that they're gravid? Or is it still too early in the year?
Any tips will also be helpful.