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Q: Is he an Eclipse
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This is one of the two geckos I hatched that year. I post his photo, because a gecko breeder told me he most probably is an Eclipse morph. I am not sure. His father is a Tremper albino male, the female is seemingly normal. I bought her already impregnated from the store. They were kept together from a younger age, and I don’t know if inbreeding was involved, I hope not. Is he a morph? I say he, because I am quite certain that the gender is male from the incubation temperatures.

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Member Comment 12/6/2016 8:48:01 PM


He does have some of the visual markers of an Eclipse gecko (while nose, legs, sides, washed out color), and if his eyes are all or partially black, that would also point to Eclipse.  There is not an absolute way to know without test breeding to a known Eclipse gecko though, unless you can get in touch with the original breeder to get the full genetics of the parents.

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