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Q: What morph is this?
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Hey, I'm wondering what this morph is! The mom was sold as a "high gold" a longg time ago. About 10 years. They also said she was het for something but didn't say what because they would have to increase the price and my aunt and uncle were just getting into snakes, not breeding, so it didn't matter much at the time. The weird thing is about half the babies have black backs, and they're darker than the others. I'm seriously confused by this situation lol  If anyone can offer some suggestions as to what they might be I would appreciate it a lot!

This is the mom 


Here is a group picture of them soon after they hatched. 

Thank you for reading, and any responses are greatly appreciated. 

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Member Comment 12/7/2016 6:26:06 PM


Assume it's a normal until you prove it out.

That being said, it looks ike a normal. Pretty animal though.

Member Comment 12/8/2016 4:42:09 PM


There is some ongoing debates across the web pertaining to whether black back normals and high gold normals are simply a "morph" on it's own, plain old genetics/traits, simply a result of random breeding and so forth.

That being said, here is some references via Ralph Davis Reptiles (reputable breeder) as to what you should be looking for in "high golds" as well as "black backs":

http://www.ralphdavisreptiles.com/collection/pythons/ball/high_gold_ball_python.asp      ....in which the gold in a normal ball python is more prominent than the other normals, making it lighter, and considered the "prettiest" of the normals

http://www.ralphdavisreptiles.com/collection/pythons/ball/black_backed_ball_python.asp  ...simply a solid black pattern running across the snakes dorsals...just as pretty

Also note that the "normal" wild caught ball python has a wide array of patterns, levels of darkness in color as well as lightness namely amounts of gold, brown, black, orange, etc resulting in animals that stick out from the rest, etc. leading to the beginning of ball python breeding, selective breeding (breeding specific visual traits to one another in hopes of making more of a desired trait)

It would help if you knew who fathered the clutch, the sire and what his traits were.

Visually, your snake looks like a normal but pretty normal nonetheless. The amounts of black on your baby looks really nice. 

You can always try breeding it later down the line to other Ball pythons with other amazing visual traits or same traits and see what pops up (proving out traits through  breeding)

All I gotta say is pretty snake and have fun girl! Tongue out

Member Comment 2/19/2017 7:31:05 PM


Those are tripple het  fpr  albino lucy , pied and   2 headed

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