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Q: Corn snake has dry tail tip
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Plume [2012 Tooth'N'Scale]

I am worried about Plume's tail.

When I first got him, he had some blisters because he was in cooldown and the humidity was too high. (I've heard them called winter blisters). There wasn't a lot, and they mostly went away when he shed.

The thing is that he had a blister on the tip of his tail, and after shedding, the blister went away, but the tail tip felt hard and dry. He shed on december 27th, and there doesn't seem to be any shed left on the tail tip. Since his last shed, I did not observe any change to the tail. It doesn't seem to be spreading, it's just dry. For now I haven't done anything, just keeping an eye on the tail to see if there's any change.

Will he lose the tip of his tail? Should I worry about infection? And, is there something I should do?

He's active and feeding well, and I've only had him for a month, so the tail was probably like that before I got him, or it was caused by the blisters.

Thank you for your answers. :)

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Tags: Cornsnake, Dry, Skin, Tailtip
Species: Other Colubrids > Other Colubrids > Elaphe guttata guttata
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Accepted Answer 1/8/2017 11:38:23 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

I would guess there was a bit of retained shed at some point or another and it cut off the blood flow to the tip of the tail. It may or may not come back. It wouldn't hurt to put some neosporin on it and since it is a bit irregular now, in the future, always check if there's any shed left at the tip, it may break off there during a shed. I don't see this having any effect health-wise for him.

Member Comment 1/9/2017 3:02:24 PM


^yup. infection is probably unlikely. keep an eye on it though. Sonja knows her stuff.

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