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Q: Manchester Reptile Expo/BP morphs breeding pair??
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Hey all,

   Anybody in the New Hampshire are going to the Manchester Reptile Expo this weekend?  I've never been to a reptile expo, but am stoked to be driving the hour and a half to check it out.  I do have a few questions and any input would help from people who have been to this or any other reptile expos.

1) Should I get there early?  Are there usually any lines to get in right when it opens?

2) My 2 year old niece loves animls and has shown an interest in reptiles.  She will look at the pics of my snakes on my phone and say "snake" and hisssssss (TOO CUTE!) and tries to pet it.  Anyway, my brother wants to bring her and meet me there, but thinks she'll be bored pretty quickly.  Is there much for kids that young?

3) Is it possible to go to a show and NOT come home with a new animal?  

Hahahaha, this question is only half serious, but I wouldn't be surprised to see me come home with a new member of the family.  That being said...

4) Are there any BP morphs I should keep my eyes open for?  I have a male Vanilla het Pied and am considering a female as a possible breeding partner.  Any thoughts on morphs that pair well with Vanillas? and hopefully some Piebalds somewhere down the line?

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Author Comment 1/26/2017 11:30:29 AM


Any info or insight is appreciated, Thanks in advance!!

Member Comment 1/26/2017 6:47:08 PM


I have no clue but happy belated birthday!

Author Comment 1/27/2017 8:26:52 AM


Thank you!!!!

Member Comment 1/27/2017 8:34:39 AM

Sonja K. Reptiles

I've not been to that show, but I checked out the site and there are quite a few vendors listed - hope you have a good time! Let us know what you think of the show after!

Author Comment 1/27/2017 10:26:12 AM


Thanks, I'll definitely let you know.

Any thoughts on morphs to pair with my male Vanilla het Pied?

Member Comment 1/27/2017 10:36:40 AM

Sonja K. Reptiles

Not sure what amount you have to spend, but if it were me, and I was 100% certain the male is het pied, I'd likely buy a visual female pied... or I'd get a female vanilla cream - or one that was some sort of fire combo because I personally like vanilla cremes. Basically - I'd say - go on world of ball pythons and play with the genetics calculator and find a combo you like.

Author Comment 1/27/2017 11:21:34 AM


Ok, thanks.  Just trying to get some other opinions.  I like hearing what others like, and can always learn more...

I love the Vanilla creams and have played around with the genetics calculator as well.  I'm just amazed by how the genetics and morphs all work together, it's fascinating.  I would really love to start a breeding project at some point, but need to do plenty of homework before I start.

Anyway, as usual, thanks for your time and info.  I'll be sure to let you know how the expo is and update my animal page if a new member of the family comes home with me.

Member Comment 2/1/2017 6:56:05 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

So, how was it? Did you come home with anything?

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