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Q: My veiled chameleon stopped eating about a month ago
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I have a 9 month old female veiled chameleon I got around 2 months ago that stopped eating completely  around a month ago no matter what I offer she doesn't look thin she's very alert and active she's drinking a lot of water her stomach doesn't look like she's carrying eggs but I set up a bin just in case .it's not a husbandry issue I'm pretty certain I have that down perfectly . I've been giving her liquid calcium, vitamins,also appetite stimulants that aren't helping. We won't get to a vet for 2 more weeks

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Member Comment 5/16/2017 2:44:25 PM


can you post a picture of her setup, and also of your chameleon?

also please give as much detail as possible about husbandry. it's possible there's an issue there, perhaps you received bad advice?

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