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Q: Boa's mouth looks funny
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Does my boas mouth look funny? If so, what do you guys think could be wrong and what should I do about it? Could it just be due to shedding, and should I wait til she sheds before panicking?

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Species: Boas > Large Boas > Boa constrictor imperator
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Member Comment 6/2/2017 9:04:19 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

I am noticing some black specs - on her body and possibly by the one eye. Is there a chance she has mites?

Author Comment 6/2/2017 11:37:40 PM


Yeah there has been a mite outbreak recently but I have been treating aggressively and have been noticing a lot of dead ones and less on the animals

Author Comment 6/3/2017 4:35:36 PM


Anyone have any ideas?

Member Comment 6/3/2017 8:25:39 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

Is your concern for the slight gap or for some general inflammation in the nose area? Hard to tell in pic, sorry.

Author Comment 6/4/2017 12:29:57 AM


Nose looks fine, am concerned about the mouth cracked slightly like that. You can enlarge the pic btw

Member Comment 6/4/2017 11:35:24 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

Have you looked in the mouth? Is there swelling present within? Any excess fluid or cheesey looking matter?

Author Comment 6/4/2017 11:52:05 PM


Ill do that after she sheds because I try not to mess with them when theyre in shed

Member Comment 6/5/2017 2:54:11 PM


I would definitely take a peek inside. from the picture, all I can really see is the mites that Sonja pointed out and maybe a little inflammation. it could be it will go away with the shed.

how exactly are you treating? she might be having some irritation from whatever you're using.

Member Comment 6/5/2017 10:46:38 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

I would soak her. It will drown the mites plus help hydrate her. Mites and mite treatments can lead to dehydration, and soaking certainly won't hurt.

Member Comment 6/17/2017 3:54:59 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

How does she look post shed?

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