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Q: Monitor lizard - how much do they eat?
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I hope I'm at the right place for this question :)
I started with lizards late last year and fell in love instantly. Now, I am interested in looking for a big lizard.

Space is not a problem, and heat/lighting should be no issue either.

however, I couldn't find much info on the amount of food monitor lizards (esp. Savannah or Rough-Necked) eat. I found lots of info on what to feed them, but I'd like to estimate the cost per week or month, so I can see whether or not I can afford it.

(I've seen people feed them large amounts of steak meat and salmon and I could not afford that every week)

So.. if any of you knows any care sheets covering that, or can give me a rough estimate of the food amount, I'd be very grateful!

thank you very much!
- Dwaggie

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Topics: Feeding
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Species: Lizards > Monitors > Varanus exanthematicus
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LLL Reptile has a nice write-up on feeding monitors-- www.lllreptile.com/articles/142-notes-on-the-feeding-of-monitor-lizards/

Member Comment 8/3/2017 2:50:39 PM


this might also be helpful: http://savannahmonitor.net/

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