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Q: Boa breeding trouble
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Hi everyone, so, I have been having some issues breeding Boas. It's my first year personally breeding them, other years have all been collabs with friends where my animals stayed with them so I never had a hands on part in the whole process. 

Anyways, a quick run down of how I've done things: about mid September I put 2 pairs together and started dropping ambient temp from 82/83f down to 74/75f and have left the hot spot at 90f to prevent RI or anything else nasty. Light cycle has naturally reduced drastically. Every once in a while I take the males out and feed them a very small meal and give the females a jumbo rat. I wait 3 days and then re-pair.

So far, I have seen no breeding behaviour. What I have noticed though, is that often the males are curled up with the females, and when the pairs werte put together for the first time, as well as whenever they are re-introduced after a break, they drop urates everywhere. Like.. an abnormal amount. Animals in the same room on their own urate once in a blue moon or when they shed or poop, that's it. The pairs when together, drop urates every few days. The first pair, I found urates on the back wall of the enclosure which looked like it was smeared there by one of their tails wagging back and forth.

Am I doing things right? is there anything I can do to improve my chances of success? any recommendations, hints, tips, guidance?

What I know so far which is standard I think:

1 - Swap males shed skin, so pair 1 male shed goes into pair 2 enclosure and vice versa.

2 - Soak male shed in spray bottle over night, spray other pair, and vice versa.

3 - Put both males in one enclosure overnight without females to spur desire to breed.

4 - Mist pairs with warm water every now and then.

These are 2 very anticipated pairings and failure isn't an option lol... I HAVE to see what they will produce.


Any depth help/assitance/thoughts/advice will be greatly appreciated!!!



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Accepted Answer 10/24/2017 11:42:01 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

My first piece of advice... relax. : ) I haven't even paired anything yet. LOL 

Over the years, most of the copulations I've seen at my place have been in December, January and February. It just may be too early.

Not sure if you'll believe me or not, but the only thing that changes in my reptile bldg throughout the year is the ambinet in the bldg; which I allow to drop to 72F in the fall and winter months. It just reached that for the first time today. In the summer it's around 78F. I don't mist animals, change the light cycle, etc. The hot spot stays the same. I pair, leave them together, remove the male back to his own cage to offer food to both every 2 weeks, wait a couple days then pair them back up.

Sometimes less is more.

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