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Q: Is it rude to ask for a refund or partial refund on an reptile that hasn't been shipped yet?
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Silly question---For the first time ever, I feel like backing out on a breeder. I feel bad and uncomfortable because the only reason I'm backing out is because I found something else that works better with my plans. The reptile is paid for but has not been shipped yet. The issue is, I sent him the full payment already. I understand that she has financial responsibilities and me pulling out would be a huge inconvenience to her. And there's also the fact that she doesn't necessarily have to send my money back. This is the first time I've ever done or felt this way... I would just take the snake and try to sell it myself, but no telling how long that will take for me. Wish I could use this money towards something else. I bought this snake on impulse and I'm prepared to deal with it. How do you all think I should go about the situation? What would you do? Thank you!

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Member Comment 11/3/2017 9:48:27 PM

Sonja K. Reptiles

Personally, I'd prefer the buyer to be honest with me and open up the line of communication as far as possible refund (or not) than to have one of my animals go through the stress of shipping what could possibly be for an additional time for no reason.

Member Comment 11/6/2017 2:09:16 AM

Double Helix Geckos

It sounds like you are pretty honest with yourself that you have buyer's remorse and that you understand it is an awkward situation, yet want the seller to understand. This is a bit of self-reflection that MANY people lack, so kudos to you for trying to make things right! I would bring this up with the seller, stating your reasons as you did here. I don't know your seller's terms, but most will have stipulations for such an occasion, such as a non-refundable portion for people who back out of a sale.

Perhaps if you say what you said here, they would be willing to reduce the non-refundable part due to the honesty and willingness to make things right (they may not, but I know I would at least be more inclined to do so!) Better the animal goes to someone who truly wants it than one who doesn't (even if you will care for it well in the meantime). Good luck and please update on how things go!

Member Comment 11/22/2017 3:47:45 PM


You should visit the breeder's website and review the sales policy that you agreed to when you purchased the animal. Most breeders have a clause about refunds, so be familiar with their policy before writing any refund request. If it is a breeder you'd like to do business with again, and their policy is clear, then you need to begin any refund request by clearly stating that you are able and willing to receive the animal you purchased. Then you could go on to explain your desire to switch projects. As others stated, the breeder may not refund all of your money, if they refund any, so you should also be prepared for that. So long as you are up front about your obligation, I think it can be stated in a polite way that gives you both options. Good luck. 

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