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Q: How do you feed a finicky eater?
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Gru [California Kingsnake]

I have a California Kingsnake who is about 6 months old. He's approx 22 inches. Not sure of his weight. He's a finicky eater and he pulls his mice apart before completely swallowing them. Are his prey items too big? I have been giving him fuzzies. I try to feed him 2X a week, but he won't ie Friday and Tuesday, but he won't eat the 2nd one. Should I try a fuzzy then a pinky? I am just concerned he is not getting enough to eat. Sometimes he won't eat for 2-3 weeks. I feel like I am throwing away more mice than he's consuming. Can anyone relieve me of my worries? I am new to the snake world and I feel like I should have done more research before impulse buying a living thing. I just want him to be healthy. 

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Sonja K. Reptiles

Try feeding just one appropriate sized prey item once every 7 days.

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I agree with Sonja. Once every 7 days is good. You're offering too much too soon.

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yup +100.

Member Comment 1/15/2018 1:09:24 AM


I think 22" in 6 months is a pretty good size for one of those. I had a clutch of 11 Cali Kings this summer and they all have been feeding well, and the largest of those are barely 20". I don't think you have any worries. Maybe the fuzzies you're feeding are too big. Throttle back on the sizes you try and see what happens. Almost all of my snakes will stop feeding periodically. Most times it's because they're starting a shed cycle and rarely eat during that. King hatchling heads and eyes are so small it's sometimes hard to see them clouded over when the shed is starting... I have one Black Rat hatchling, out of seven, that just ate its first meal yesterday-- since hatching early August. And had to nose bump him into opening up for that. Because of the finicky habits of hatchlings, I started back raising rats and mice, to have a supply of live pinkies and so forth that vary in all sizes the animal may prefer. And, I really dislike fooling with f/t pinkies. They thaw out into a blob of goo and are messy to handle. Live pinkies wiggle around and seem to attract feeding better.

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