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Perfect Pumpkin Pied (yellow belly piebald) male hatchling

Animal: [A/C12-2016-6] Owner: PeterPiedPython

Ball Python
Python regius
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Sex (m.f.unsexed) 1.0.0
Morph pumpkin pied
Hatch Weight 62
Seller Location
Delivery Nationwide Delivery
Asking Price 1199.00

Complete Details

This guy is perfect - he has enough pattern to see his awesome 'pumpkin' colors but plenty of beautiful, crisp white. I love his tail tip and his perfect stripe! I wish he was a female so I could keep him!! Don't let this little one slip by you. He's happy to take live rat fuzzies or FT mice once a week and is ready to ship whenever weather permits.
He was produced from pairing a yb pastel het pied female (Yibhip) x two pied males (Peter & Gundy) so he has the tiniest chance of being het clown (Gundy is 66% - we'll be trying to prove him this season).

We're happy to offer a payment plan on this perfect fella with a $100 non-refundable deposit.

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