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Argentine Rainbow Boas

Posted by Sonja K. at 5/18/2017 4:00:42 PM

On May 11th I welcomed my first baby Boas of the 2017 season. They are also a first for me in both the genus and species. They are Argentine Rainbow Boas (Epicrates cenchria alvarezi).

They are a smaller, more slendar species of Rainbow Boa.

Cereza and Luis are the proud parents of these 10 little cuties.

As you will see, there is nice variety in color and pattern in this species. Enjoy the pics!

This was Cereza a couple days before giving birth. She was so huge compared to her non-gravid self!

Here is the proud daddy, Luis:

A pic from my cell phone as I opened the bin that morning:

She had delivered all but one within the hide box of moss.

Black sheep of the family?? Wink

This is the one that was born outside the moss box. Its birthing matter was starting to look pretty dry, so I added him to the bin and misted them all. I love all his polka dots!

The babies ranged in weight from 28 to 36 grams.

Here are individual pics of the little ones; pre first shed. I think it's neat how some got Mom's look and others, Dad's look - including the eye colors.











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George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 5/18/2017 5:56:07 PM  

Posted At: 5/18/2017 10:05:57 PM  

So cute!!!!! Congrats :D

Richard Wise,
Posted At: 5/19/2017 7:13:54 AM  

Very cool!

Posted At: 5/20/2017 10:23:38 AM  

Oh gosh, they are so freaking cute!!

Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 5/22/2017 1:21:55 PM  

Thanks all!

April Yohn,
Posted At: 5/30/2017 1:41:15 PM  


Sonja K. ,
Posted At: 5/30/2017 7:19:06 PM  

Half of them ate F/T on the first offering! Yay!

Aimee ,
Posted At: 6/5/2017 2:52:12 PM  

yay! they're lovely!

Posted At: 6/19/2017 3:53:47 PM  

Posted At: 6/20/2017 5:37:24 AM  

Posted At: 6/20/2017 5:37:51 AM  

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