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June 1st 2017

Posted by Tim Ketelsen at 6/1/2017 10:37:24 AM

Today marks day 51 on 3 of my 14 clutches incubating.  As I sit her and wonder what will emerge from those eggs in the next 10 days.  I become more and more excited.  the first clutch is 17-18 and I am expecting Normals, Scaleless, Tessera's and Scaleless Tessera's.  2nd clutch is 17-17  Miami x Miami motley this clutch is a bit of a let down out of the 9 eggs laid it looks like only 3 have survived.  3rd clutch is 17-10 Ghost Tessera Unknown hets x Bloodred motley Tessera het anery with 18 good eggs there should be alot of great looking babies avialable from this clutch.

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