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More updates and gecko news

Posted by TribalCorns at 9/6/2017 10:31:13 PM

So as some of you may have noticed in the iherp questions and answers area I have had a very bad season with my two breeder geckos and their eggs. Incubation went well for all of them, but the first four that hatched out and were doing well enough died after an extremely cold spring night with a window open (because I heat my animals by room temperature keeping it normally around 72-74 degrees F.) and the temperatures dipped below 40 degrees F. The next two died because I was way too worried about them not drinking enough like the first four whom I had thought were dehydrated. I was misting #5 and 6 once a day to encourage them to drink from the droplets until they found the water bowls at some point, but I think it might have been too moist for them causing their early deaths. I say this because the last two to hatch out thus far #7 and 8 I tried something different and kept myself from misting them at all, instead giving them two water dishes and a food dish between them so that they have a greater chance of finding a water dish to stay hydrated. So far these two have lasted just under a month and they are eating well and pooping. So I assume they are doing better than the last six rip little guys I'm so sorry I wasn't more experienced.

What I hate is that I did a ton of research for an entire year on and off before even attempting to breed my pair. With the first four I was doing everything that books and care sheets were telling me to do with them and yet they still seemed to be getting very dehydrated to the point where they stopped eating. When the things from the books and online sources didn't seem to be helping I went to facebook groups to ask for help and all I got was a lot of people saying that I had to do more research, that I shouldn't be breeding them if I don't know what I'm doing, or other quite annoying comments of my stupidity when I had done all the work required to do this. So understandably I was very frustrated, more so after people on facebook told me to do things that I had already been doing. 

So yeah I had an interesting first breeding season with the cresties. What I think happened... going off of my experience from this season and what others have mentioned... Is that Narillo may have had a defficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral which was making her lay eggs that didn't have as much nutrients in them. For example, I see tons of peoples baby hatchling cresty photos and their tails and bellies are just so fat with yolk and stored fat. I bet they can survive a whole month without being fed just on yolk and stored nutrients alone. However all of my babies were hatching out with average to small sized tails telling me that they did not have enough nutrients in the egg which is why they hatched out a bit weak or sickly (a few were very weak almost sick out of the eggs).

So I think this main problem helped in their deaths along with my giving them too much humidity (not counting the accidental cold and open window pair of deaths) and the fact that my enclosures for them progressively got smaller until now where my last two are in the smallest sized critter keepers you can get. They are able to find the food and water dishes in these and this is how I think I'll be dealing with the remaining eggs that eventually hatch out. I mean I've got to be doing something right now as these last two are eating every day, pooping now, are active and getting some little muscles now. Even their tails are starting to thicken up some. I never see them drink but that is probably just me not seeing them go to the water dishes. If they were dehydrated they wouldn't be eating. So so far I feel like I've fixed the major and minor issues from the first six. I hope I don't have any more problems come up. <.<

Off of geckos and onto snakes. The corn breeding projects have finally been completed as failures. Oakie I was expecting to fail due to her bad history with breeding and laying anything at all. Rougale though I was really hoping would have worked. I think it was because the male I put her with doesn't really seem to know how to do anything. XD In 2015 I put him with Casper, a very dominant forward ghost corn who literally wrapped around him and well.. pretty much made him get the job done. When I paired him with Rougale this year he just didn't have any enthusiasm. The times when he was interested he just sat their twitching for hours while she wiggled around trying to get him to do something around or beneath him. So either he wasn't able to actually copulate with her or he did and she just didn't take this year. (There was some time where I left him in her enclosure to try to increase the odds)

Either of these girls though might drop a random retained sperm clutch though so I'll be on the lookout for those. Their nesting boxes will be kept in with them until brumation time anyway.

The tarantula is being good. She eats occasionally, but I think the real reason she doesn't eat as often as other peoples is because I'm using dubais and the damn things will play dead until she goes away. Even if I prod them with a stick or string it just doesn't work. So I'm probably going to need to find a place that will ship me a starter colony of Turkistan roaches since they seem to breed well and move around a ton. I'm just worried about them getting out more than the other species and infesting the place. I've had a few baby escapees from the hissers and dubias when the petrolium jelly wears thin, but I always assumed they would die quickly with no food or moisture. That was until a neighbor two doors down said she saw a three inch roach on her toilet lid. It was either one of my escapees grown up or a native house roach of tremendous size. xD I do hope they'll warn us before fumigating if they ever do. I don't want to lose my colonies if they do.

Still trying to find homes for these last remaining 2015 corns. They are getting big now.o.O I'll probably string measure them again since I don't have a working gram measuring device. I expect most will reach 300 grams or more and 3 feet by their 3rd year with me which would make them of breeding size and weight by the time it warms up next spring and summer. Maybe they'll sell more easily then. It sucks when you no longer have a car to transport yourself to work or things like these guys to expos or pet stores.

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Rachel Gratis,
Posted At: 9/12/2017 5:43:57 AM  

Sorry to hear you had a rough year with the baby cresteds, but glad you've figured out what works for you.

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