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October Update 2017

Posted by TribalCorns at 10/11/2017 4:28:47 PM

I think I'll start trying to do these updates more often now. At most once a month. More so for me to see where I've come in the future, but also so people actually get news as to what's going on here.

I'm 99% sure I've now solidly fixed the major and minor problems I was having with the hatchling crested geckos. The pair hatched out in august will be turning two months in just four days, and the baby hatched out in September is still doing well, eating a lot, and pooping everywhere. XD I did not mention this in the last blog, but these little guys are eating banana and apricot pangea crested gecko diet. Their parents are also on this mix. I do try to feed the two bigger babies the youngest smallest baby roaches from either of my hisser or dubia colonies however they don't seem to be interested in them at all. The roaches also don't move too much and I think that's the main problem.

So yeah the geckos are still doing well and I hope to have no more trouble with them as they grow.

The tarantula is on a feeding strike again. Though she may be getting ready to molt. Then again I cleaned up her tank and gave her more substrate to dig into, so that stress from the change might also be discouraging her from eating. It's been maybe a month now and she still won't dig a tunnel, or escavate the small tunnel I made for her.

The corns are about ready for the start of brumation. My room is slowly decreasing in temperature, and will probably only get as low as 55-60 degrees F. for them to last through winter. The 2 year olds will brumate with the adults this year, though I did not brumate them last year. However my keepers of the 2015 clutches will not be brumated. Instead they will be moved into a warmer area and kept warm with heat tape and pads so that I can continue to feed them and try to grow them a bit more through winter. This is especially needed for the doubled clutch 2015 ghost baby corn who is much smaller than I would like for it's age. All of the other snakes however are digesting their last meals (with warmth) and then will eventually be allowed to cool slowly until they hit my room temperature which is curently at 58-65 degrees F. night and day.

A friend from price chopper caught me a small frog that was inside in their flowers and plants section. He told me that he thought it was a tree frog from Florida or something that wasn't native to our area. I recieved the frog a few days ago and had a small laugh about it. It was very green yeah, but it was just a small gray tree frog. We don't have any good habitat to release it back outside in around here, and without a car I can't get the frog out to the marsh about five or six miles away. It's illegal to keep native species in our state, so I'm either going to have to release it on a rainy day and hope it gets to a wetter environment on its own, or keep it through winter and then release it in spring. I can keep it under my professors permit for the winter if I must. Might do well to fatten it up some as it's horribly skinny. If I did release it I'm not sure it would survive the rest of cool Fall and freezing winter as it is currently. It has gorged on some of my baby roaches since I've acquired it. Any suggestions on this matter would be helpful if someone does happen to read this through.

I've started trying to keep a colony of cellar spiders. I figured that keeping together, even in a large encloser, would result in some cannibalism, but so far I've got a decent amount out of it. I started out with a mother cellar spider I found in the corner of my room like right above my bed. Kept her until she dropped the egg pile webbed together into her webs then released her again into my potted plants. I was surprised to see that there were few eggs but larger than I had imagined for them. I counted 12 in all. The container I had her in is the one I planned for the colony. Very long, with coconut fiber on the bottom, a few sprigs of wandering jew, and a good sized growing colony of springtails in the substrate with a few crumbs of cat food for the springtails to continue thriving on. The eggs hatched a while ago, and now I'm left with six healthy spiderlings all feasting on springtails. Four seem to be very large while the other two are a bit smaller. I want to see how long this colony could last on its own with a good population of springtails and bugs to eat, or if at some point they will eventually eat eachother, though they do seem to have their own territories now.

With the last two gecko eggs I started off incubating and keeping them the same way I did with babies #6 and 7 who hatched out with bright gorgeous cherry red coloring. If I can get them to do it again under the same conditions then maybe this time around now that I've fixed the other issues I was having I might be able to watch them grow. It might also further verify a theory I have with crested gecko temperatures causing more than just changed crest development.

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ummm spam? how'd a bot get in here.  XD

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