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Late Winter 2018 Update

Posted by TribalCorns at 2/21/2018 12:49:26 PM

Firstly with the record keeping...

    I do have a ton of backlogged info to add but can't add it until I have some time with the laptop to myself. The laptop I'm using right now is not my own, but borrowed and I've been borrowing it form time to time often the past year or two now. Working on both the job and the money for a new computer.

Now room updates.

   The plants have all been moved onto large metal stands along with some of the animals enclosures. I'm liking these sturdy metal racks but the wood on the inside to support things is not very sturdy. So while the rack claims to hold 1500+ pounds it's only holding like fifty on each shelf due to the compressed cardboard wood bending under the weight. It works for now so long as I don't put really heavy things on but I'de love to put the heavier big enclosures on if I can get sturdier rack bottoms.

Now for animals.

  I'll do a more in depth update later, but the corns and geckos are still in brumation. We may pair Ares with Casper this year just to get his bloodline continued as he's really old now and our previous attempts with Jewel and Ares have failed. Rougale and Apollo will be attempted again this year as well.
  Some corns will be finding new homes soon as well.

  The frog is now in the posession of my professor as I did not want to get into trouble and he had the permit for it. I do have some nice pictures of the little guy to put up somewhere if I want though.

  The last clutch of gecko eggs died a few days before hatching due to my being a day late to up their humidity. They began to dry out while I was visiting family and were half like raisins when I got back. However their developemeent was finished and their bright red colors seen after dissectng them from their eggs does continue to further my theory which states that;

 High incubation temperatures may influence the intensity or colors of the geckos themselves not just the physical developement of crests on geckos.

 This little project will be continued this season with the same pair though one variable will be changed. Half of the eggs will be incubated with low temperatures for the first half of thheir incubation, then with high temperatures for the last half. Then the other half of the babies will be incubated with high temperatures for the first half of their incubation and then low temperatures for the last half.

 I'll be keeping better records of these clutches, days, and temperatures this year. Hopefully we won't lose any babies this year now that we know what was wrong with last years group. Also those leftover from last year are still doing very well!

The insects are doing well and hopefuly the isopods will do better soon. More updates to come.

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George H. Wessel VII,
Posted At: 2/21/2018 7:20:38 PM  

Congrats and good luck! 

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