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Rodents near Yorkville, IL

Posted by Purexoticsss at 2/9/2012 8:25:50 PM

Does anyone know a breeder that lives near Yorkville, IL? Need all sizes of mice and rats. Please help.

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Michael ,
Posted At: 2/9/2012 9:08:27 PM  

Take a look on the fauna classifieds  under feeders  and see if  anybody iis local to you

Sam Fredericks,
Posted At: 2/9/2012 11:43:05 PM  

There is a show every first saturday and third sunday of the month in wheaton. Thats where i get mine and im in mchenry county.

Posted At: 2/10/2012 7:50:12 AM  

I agree with Michael, also you can have them shipped to you through RodentPro or MiceDirect.

Posted At: 2/10/2012 8:21:38 AM  

Thanks for your input. I use all of those, never found anything on Fauna. I work weekends and can no longer make it to the shows. I get frozen from american rodent. And, the one petstore in my area never has the right sizes. Not to mention, my snakes have gotten mites from his rodents.

Please help me locate a breeder. There has to be a small time breeder out there that needs to sell off their excess feeders.

Sam Fredericks,
Posted At: 2/11/2012 11:10:02 AM  

You would be better off asking around your local pet store or try a craigslist ad

Posted At: 2/11/2012 12:55:17 PM  

Brad at "Grossboy" has been recommended to me in the past. I have never purchased his rodents (I get my feeders shipped from Layne Labs and I swear by their quality and value), but I know some very happy, repeat customers. You could shoot him an email at

Good luck.

Posted At: 2/11/2012 12:56:12 PM  

Sorry, his full name is Brad Benike.

Posted At: 2/11/2012 8:45:31 PM  

Thanks Sam & David, I have looked on craigslist but I will again. Never had luck there. I am going to contact grossboy.

If there is anyone out there that has a local contact please let me know.

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