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So... a little help please?

Posted by SlitheringSweetheart at 2/28/2012 10:23:14 AM

                Well, it’s becoming a fight again with my corns. And aside from that, I have a new nickname given to me by one of my good friends… :p The Corn Snake Queen! Muahahahaha!!! This is because I want absolutely every corn I see (I’m obsessed, there’s just something about those spunky little serpents that make me love them!) , and I scarcely look at many other types of snakes. Though one day, I think I’d kill for an Indigo, I saw one while browsing around because I’ll be getting some money soon from my job, and all I have to say is I think I’m in love!

                But can you guys tell me what’s up with my snakes? They all shed around the same times; Beastie, because she’s the biggest always sheds a week or so before, and then Lestat goes blue, then Koi, and then Beauty; all within a day of each other. Why is this?

                Also, I need some help from the corn snake masters out there! Beauty will not eat; he just won’t, ever since I got Beastie to switch to F/T about a month and a half ago (thankfully). I was trying to breed some live mice for him until I could make him transition, but that’s the problem, he won’t take the lives either! When I get my first pay check, should I take him in to a vet? And if so, does anyone in the Illinois area know of a good vet? (I’ll go anywhere in the surrounding area, but I live in Lake County IL, so I’d prefer closer to me).

                He’s gone blue although he hasn’t eaten in quite a while, yesterday on feed day, I tried that chicken broth thing that everyone says works. He looked like he was sniffing at it, went close, and then backed off. I tried giving a smaller prey to start with, a pretty decent sized fuzzy when he’d usually take out a hopper. And I left him there with it overnight. But; nothin’. I’ve scented my dead mice up against one of the live ones I have, he just won’t take it. His weight is starting to drop because he isn’t eating, and he was getting some girth, but he’s just getting very thin. Help L!

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Joe Farah,
Posted At: 2/28/2012 10:40:37 AM  

Your male corn is supposedly several years old, correct?  I'm sure others have told you this, but it's not uncommon for male snakes to stop eating around this time of year as they go into "breed mode' and concentrate on looking for a mate instead. As the days get longer and the temps warm up he should get his appetite back.  Also, if he is several years old he should be eating large adult mice, not fuzzies or hoppers. Try something larger instead of smaller and see if that works.Try killing it and leaving him alone with it at night.

Regarding, the shed cycles... you feed them all every monday. They're all on the same feed schedule so of course they're going to shed with the same approximate frequency.

Hope that helps Corn Snake Queen

Posted At: 2/28/2012 1:35:12 PM  

Indigos are pretty cool, but check to make sure you don't need a permit in your state and you might have to save up quite a few paychecks (they sell for around $1000 each).

Depending on size they might be shedding close to each other, nothing to worry about.  Sometimes mine go close to the same time as each other, sometimes not.

As for feeding, I really would not worry about it, mine refuse a lot during the winter, I have one male that hasn't eatten since end of Dec, but he's not losing weight and I am currently breeding him.  One trick that has worked before is moving him into a warmer room with a little more light and away from the smell of the females.

How much did he weigh when you got him and how much does he weigh now?

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