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Tears for Dexter

Posted by Stephanie at 2/5/2012 12:44:31 PM

I couldn't stand Dexter's look anymore so I soaked last night. Something just seemed off to me on this one. I needed to see the body condition on Dexter. Boy was I shocked.

This is Dexter in a 6 qurt tub after soaking. I was told by the owner this snake was fed a rat. Where is the belly bump? Not only where is the bump but why can I see Dexter's spine? I can feel ribs and bones of the skull. I am not going to lie I cried for Dexter. I quickly thawed a mouse for Dexter and it was eaten very quickly. Quicker then my personal Balls do. I hope I can save Dexter and I wish I had started this rescue earlier. The reason for surrender was the didn't want to feed Dexter anymore.

Dexter still is in need of supplies. Pease if you could help I would really appreciate it. If any one is interested, I have set up a wishlist for Dexter's needs. The wishlist can be found on Amazon.

 Edit: Dexter's weight - 490 grams

Thanks for stopping by!


The Hungry Python Rescue

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Posted At: 2/5/2012 4:03:13 PM  

That's just upsetting, didn't they say he was 7??

Posted At: 2/5/2012 4:12:59 PM  

Poor Dexter!! Someone saying they fed a "rat" to a starving BP, they could have meant pinkie rat for all you know. I would really love to help, I get paid on Thursday. I HIGHLY suggest switching out that crappy reptitemp for the Hydrofarm thermostat. It is MUCH better and MUCH more accurate than those reptipemp "thermostats" and it's only like $6 more. I'd be happy to send you one on Thursday if you add it to the list.

Stephanie ,
Posted At: 2/5/2012 5:48:35 PM  

Leah I changed it for you. I just want to say thank you so much. Dexter has heat but unfortunately it is unregulated as you can tell. I am currently not using it because I don't want to aid in dehydration.  We have boosted the temperature in the house to make up for it.

Tiki it was an estimated age so give or take a year or so but yes I was shocked as well. I am just glad we got Dexter and pray we weren't to late!

L & A Lopez =0),
Posted At: 2/5/2012 11:14:27 PM  

Lisa ,
Posted At: 2/7/2012 5:34:24 PM  

OH MY!!!!  My 1 year old female BP weighs 550 grams.  That poor baby!!!!   

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