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My Reptile Interests
Snakes are my favorite. I have a ball python, Kenyan sand boa, and a crested gecko. I started collecting reptiles only a few months ago because I moved out of my mother's (who is terrified of snakes and banned them from the house) house and into my own apartment. Also, I did some field herping in the Turks and Caicos Islands in an island biogeography class with my university this past summer, and that is mainly what sparked my newfound interest in reptiles. We saw curly-tailed lizards and Caribbean anoles all the time, and we also found the Turks and Caicos rainbow boa (Epicrates chrysogaster chrysogaster), dwarf boas (Tropidophis greenwayi), a Caicos dwarf reef gecko (Sphaerodactylus caicosensis), and a couple species of sea turtles. We also visited a small island populated with rock iguanas (Cyclura carinata carinata).
Other Interests
I am an aquarist. I have a 55 gallon planted South American dominant community aquarium, and I'm in the process of setting up a 20 gallon nano reef that will probably house an anglerfish. I'm also beginning in the bonsai hobby. I like to cook as well.
80's and 90's alternative mostly. I can play piano.
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I'm a sophomore at the University of Mississippi. My major is biology.
Anything else?
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