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Replies: 7
Zones: Caging
Hey iherp, it's been a while! My husband and I recently completed a pretty nifty green house. We have a few tropical plants (banana, mango, citrus). It's around 16'x18' with a ceiling that is 8-14' tall. We have  plenty of ventilation, a GAHT…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Profile
Zones: General Health
Trying to change my main picture on my, "View My Page".  I've edited profile, avatar successfully.  But, I can't find the place to change this pic.  It's of my old Golddust Bloodred and I'm trying to change it to my new Bloodred as…

Replies: 3
Zones: General Health
I recently acquired a 1 yr old (aproximately) female Jungle Carpet Python. I've had her now for 2 weeks and she is very skiddish about me handling her.  I'm curious about what steps I should be taking to get her used to me.  I'm aware of…

Replies: 2
Zones: Feeding
I forgot that I had a rat(135g) thawing in the fridge and didn't feed it last night like I should have. I took it out Wed.morning around 8 a.m. and put the frozen rat directly into the fridge in order to thaw. I should have fed it last night like I…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Cornsnake, Visuallysexingcornsnakes
Zones: General Health, Skin
I noticed that my 4 year old snake, Adelaide, has had these two little marks and some white stuff right in the middle. I was told she was a girl when I bought her, but I'm wondering if these are the marks of hemipenes and if shes showing sperm…

Replies: 1
Tagged: Breeding, Morph, Retics
Zones: Copulation
Which one would be better to breed with my platinum tiger het albino ? Do albino Ivory's have shortened lifespans?

Replies: 11
Zones: Genetics
I recently bought my female bp, and was wondering if anyone could help me find out what she is? I’m getting different answers but mostly that she looks like a Mojave Ghost BP. If anyone can confirm, that’d be helpful! Thanks. I will provide a few…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Sick, Infection, Husbandry, Help, Rosyboa
Zones: Respiratory, Mouth, Heating
Hello, I am completely new to this website, but I am in need of help so I thought I would give it a shot. I have a 2 year old Rosy Boa named "Balboa". Two months ago he was very sick. He was clicking, lathargic and his mouth was a bit swollen. I…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Arboreal, Snakes, Lizards, Viviariums
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans
Hello What do people think i should or could put in a 3 by 2 by 1 arboreal viv? Do not mind if snake lizard or something else. Thanka

Replies: 0
Zones: Caging, Water
How are these used in vivariums?Long version:I'm trying to figure out a way to use this in my Dart Frog terrarium. It needs a good few cm of water above it so I tried it in a 6.5cm dish covered with fabric mesh which works well for a few minutes,…
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