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Q: My snake won't gain weight!!!
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Below is my records for my normal corn Rosie and she has not gained much weight since i've been feeding her. She's only gained 2g and that was after only feeding her once. Then she platoed i guess. What do you all think is the cause of her not gaining weight?  What should i do? Is this normal? Should i be worried? Any thoughts or tips or advice would be great!  I'll also add in some general info which might help.

Feed every 4 days. Each pinkie is 2g, no more, no less. Temps in viv are 70-87. Coolside vs. warmside. never gets over 87 and never goes below 70. Aspen bedding, currently paper towels for the past week. Fresh water at least 3 times a week. Plenty of hides, two fake plants, humidity ranges between 50%-70%. Day and Night lights to mimic the sleep cycle. 12 on 12 off.

09/20 Feeding 2 F/T Small Pinkies
09/20 Comments Signs of Activity at 1am and 9am
09/20 Weight 10g
09/19 Defecated
09/16 Length 15-17inches
09/16 Weight 10g
09/16 Feeding 1 F/T Small Pinkie
09/14 Shed 1 complete piece
09/14 Cleaned
09/13 Turned Clear
09/12 Feeding 1 F/T Small Pinkie
09/08 Feeding 1 F/T Small Pinkie
09/08 Turned Opaque
09/07 Weight 8g
09/06 Weight 8g
09/04 Feeding 1 F/T Small Pinkie
09/01 First Day I got her!

Total food intake: 12g
Total weight gain: 3g (33% utilization)

Points: 100
Topics: General Health , Feeding , Digestive
Tags: Feeding, Gains, Problem, Records, Tracking, Weight
Species: Other Colubrids > Other Colubrids > Elaphe guttata guttata
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Assisted Answer 9/22/2008 10:49:24 PM

Take a breath!! She is just a baby corn..they sometimes take alittle while to get up and going. Do the small pinks leave a lump? If not bump her up to large pinks. Other wise keep her on the same times and she will start growing at her own pace. Good luck!

Assisted Answer 9/22/2008 10:53:01 PM

Youve had her for 20 days. Relax. You have her on a good schedule and shes off to a great start.
Author Comment 9/22/2008 10:55:07 PM

Yes they leave a lump, but the lump goes away after 24 hours, so i tired doubles and it took her 2 days to make the lump disappear. The store i get the frozen mice from has 2g pinkies, and then the size jumps up to 5g fuzzies. So you see my dilema, and i'm not ready to buy online just yet. Holding out till i can maybe get a 100 pack of fuzzies. I don't want 100 pinkies and have them forever. If you get what i'm saying
Assisted Answer 9/23/2008 12:29:28 PM

Don't stress yourself out!!!!  just be happy your snake doesnt gain 2-3#'s with each feeding like mine  LOL.........weighing all the time really doesnt give you a good idea how much body mass the snake it putting on.....you would have to be weighing input and output to be accurate.......and that is total overkill.........unless you really feel like weighing out snake turds and urine output I would loosen up your weigh ins..............maybe every month or two is suffice.........BTW...is your snake on a sand substrate???  
I'm not exactly a colubrid guy but I'm pretty sure sand sn't the best thing for these guys.....I'd get aspen if I were you
Author Comment 9/26/2008 12:23:52 PM

no it's not on sand, she's on aspen.
Assisted Answer 9/27/2008 8:49:18 AM

I've found that babies will stay at a weight for a while, then gain growth, then do nothing for a while.  I wouldn't worry about it.  I'm not sure what people are so obsessed about weight and size!  As long as she is eating, is healthy and active, she'll grow when she grows. 
Accepted Answer 9/27/2008 9:37:57 AM

I see she has shed in the 20 days you've  kept records on her. And 2 grams in 20 days isn't anything at all to worry about. She's doing just fine.
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