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Q: deworming geckos
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Hi, I was wondering what you guys use to deworm leopard geckos? Just as a general dewormer. When I worked at an animal hospital I discovered that pretty much EVERY lizard that ate crickets had pinworms or coccidia, even if it had no symptoms. I know that small numbers of parasites are pretty normal and dont always cause problems, but I always liked to give a dose or two of panacur to my cricket eaters once a year just as a safety measure. Well, I quit my job and so I have no access to a dewormer anymore. I called around and every vet said I would need to bring in EACH animal and a poop sample. Noone is sickly, I just want to do this as a preventative. So I am wondering what you all use and where you buy it. Thanks.

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Species: Lizards > Geckos > Eublepharis macularius
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Member Comment 3/1/2010 4:54:51 AM

Nature Zone makes a product called WormGuard that I always use with any new leopard gecko I rescue. I think it would be easiest to buy online, because large retailers don't carry it, so the other best place to look is small owned reptile/pet stores. It smells very herbal-y, which I like, and I sprinkle it on either mealworms or crickets or whatever they are eating and they all seem to not be picky about eating it. As far as whether it works or not, I have never taken any of my rescue leopard geckos to the vet, but some who have come in who were (curable) sick seemed to recover fairly quickly with the use of worm guard and correct care. The only ones who it did not work for were ones who has uncurable diseases like crypto...but sadly most of them were gonners when they came into my care. The wormguard might be an easy/fairly cheap option to try out if you cannot find anything else.
Accepted Answer 3/1/2010 5:39:02 PM

http://www.beautifuldragons.503xtreme.com/Meds.html Beautiful Dragons sells all sorts of medications for reptiles. They sell albon, panacur... plus a whole mess of other stuff. Its a rescue too so you'll be helping a good cause by ordering from them... you can't beat their prices either!
Author Comment 3/2/2010 3:35:16 PM

Thanks both of you. I didn't relaize that albon and panacur weren't prescriptions. At the clinics I worked for and the ones I called recently they said they HAD to see the patient to prescribe the medication. I know the dosing, I just didn't know where to get the stuff. Thats great. And helping a rescue is always nice. The nature zone stuff looks like a nice herbal supplement preventative, I'll think about that too.
Member Comment 6/29/2011 2:53:32 AM


thanks for the info here; i will check it out.

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