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Q: Shedding in Western Hognose
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I've only had my Hognose for a little bit so I'm fairly new to them as a species. But I know in general how snakes shed. Well, little harley has gone thru the blueing stage and has gained his color back, mind you all over about 2 weeks. The little bugger has still not shed his skin though and it's concerning me a bit. Any thoughts?

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Topics: General Health , Skin
Tags: Hognose, Shedding, Western
Species: Other Colubrids > Other Colubrids > Heterodon nasicus
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Assisted Answer 10/6/2010 1:00:29 AM

Mine does this every once in a while too, it's like a fake out shed or something. I would give him a soak of at least 25-30 minutes keeping the water tepid but not to warm and see if that does it. Other wise I just wait for the next cycle and unless he stops eating or shows some other symptom of illness, not worry about it.
Assisted Answer 10/6/2010 3:19:01 PM

I also have a tree boa that takes almost 2 weeks to shed as well. I agree with shell- as long as he shows no signs of illness i wouldn't worry.
Accepted Answer 10/6/2010 4:50:37 PM

My hognoses usually take up to 3 weeks to complete the entire process, sometimes waiting a whole week between going clear and shed.
Author Comment 10/6/2010 7:19:12 PM

Thanks guys, just needed a little reassurance being it's his first shed with me owning him.
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