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Q: Best UT Herp Vet?
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I am in central Utah, and can go either north (SLC) or south (Provo/Spanish) to the vet. I just wondered if anyone local had good/bad experiences to share about different clinics/vets, and their care. I would like to find a decent reptile vet who knows what they are doing, rather than guessing like the one Ive been going to seems to do. Any suggestions?

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Accepted Answer 11/6/2011 1:24:50 PM


I had a mixed experience with Wasatch Exotic Pet Care in Cottonwood Heights.  The first time I went with a green tree python that had escaped for a few weeks and was pretty dehydrated as well as having a cut and a gunky mouth/breathing bubbles. The vet seemed knowledgeable enough, but I was not impressed with the vet tech or the overall service. I had a wait time of maybe 20 minutes, though I did show up 10 min early. Then, after the diagnosis the vet said she was going to get the medications and first dose and would be right back... I sat there for a good half hour before she came back. The tech was most likely a high school student and was informing me about proper snake care when she herself was NOT at all knowledgable on the subject. She said a couple of things that were completely incorrect.  The vet did seem to know what she was doing when she was handling my chondro, and cleaned his mouth out pretty well, as well as showing me how to do snake injections, etc. Nocturne did also make a full recovery so that's good too. 

The second visit I made to this vet was for a necropsy. I called them the morning I found the dead snake and went in pretty quickly. The vet took the snake and told me she would call me within 2 hours with results and she did call (inconclusive results). She gave me the option to do pathology and said she harvested the tissue and could hold on to them for 30 days if I wanted to wait. I did wait a little bit, but decided to go for the pathology, and got results back from that too (negative). 

The prices seemed pretty expensive but I haven't been to any other herp vet in comparison. If you do find a better herp vet in the SLC area, let me know! 

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