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Q: Dumerils Boa breeding
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I've done quite a bit of research, but I still can't find a good page on how to breed Dumerils boas!
Are they like other BCI's with the breeding season starting now?
What's the gestation period?
How many babies can I expect?
What's the best size tub/tank for breeding?

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Topics: Cycling , Copulation , Livebearers
Tags: Boa, Breeding, Dumerils
Species: Boas > Large Boas > Acrantophis dumerili
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Accepted Answer 11/24/2008 10:30:44 AM

i found a good page but dont remember where it was.  Cooling was mid 60s at night then normal temps during the day.  Gestation was around 4 to 8 months.  They dont have as many babies as BCI.  My friend had babies last year and it was either 6 or 7 babies.  A 4' tub would be perfect for them.
Assisted Answer 11/24/2008 11:39:17 AM

Here is a page on Dumerils.   http://www.dumerilboa.com/dumeril_boa_reproduction.html I like the info on it. I plan to breed my female this season as well so good luck it will be interesting to see how our breeding goes. Its nice to see someone keeping these beauties. I got my gypsy like just over a week ago and she has been a joy. I adore her.
Member Comment 11/24/2008 11:45:13 AM

oh I forgot to say that I am so excited to see a snake that gives live birth. I think this is really gonna make for cool breeding. To bad it takes almost as long as a human pregnancy. At least she doesnt have feet shes gonna make me rub haha.
Member Comment 11/24/2008 1:32:05 PM


Well, even with accepted answers on this, I'll add my info.  I have only one male Dum, though I think I would like to breed him in the future.


There are very few information sources that have any credibility relating to this species.  None that I know of in print, and very few on the internet.  This is the first decent reference I came across in a recent Google search: http://www.reptilechannel.com/media/snakes/breeding-snakes/dumerils-ground-boa.aspx.pdf


There is a Duméril’s Boa forum on kingsnake.com (Snake Forum > Boas: Dumerils) that is very nice – there are some new enthusiastic people in there and some “old salts” that lurk around from time to time.  I have emailed a couple of the really knowledgeable people I know from that forum about this site & your question.  Hopefully they’ll chime in!


One of these kind people from the kingsnake forum told me his breeding/grouping strategy.  He breeds groups of 1.2 or 1.3 (one male, multiple females).  Hopefully Paul won’t mind my transcribing what part of what he emailed me this spring:


“Basically the reason I do one male to multiple females: I've had Dumerils literally over half my life now, lol (33 now) and I used to breed them 1.1 strictly and my results were nothing to write home about and success ranged from about 50% taking and litters as low as 1 baby, no slugs, stillborns, etc. just one baby. So, looking over field notes on Madagascar it seemed like they would find gravid Dumerils grouped together very often. This made me think that maybe they breed in groups as well and I started adding females to the cages, multiple males just created combat. I went from approx. 50% taking to getting 100% of my females I wanted to breed to take and have successful litters 95% of the time (rough estimates).”


We didn’t talk about the temps required by Dums for breeding.  I believe the timing of ovulation to birthing is the same – or at least similar – to BCI.  Dums tend to prefer much cooler temps in general than BCI, generally preferring ambient temps between 78° and 80° F.

Member Comment 11/24/2008 9:28:17 PM

I've bred Dumerils for a few years, what do you need to know? Basically they are the same as BCI's, but their gestation period can be 220-240 days Vs 105-120 days. Also litters of Dumerils are considerably smaller, ranging from 6-12 on average, with some 15-18 tops Vs BCI's dropping 18-30-40+ with 20-35 being average. Breeding season is the same, courting and copulation is the same, ovulation, POS, all that is the same. Males are a bit rough at times and often times you'll find broken teeth in the female. As for tank, one that will hold the pair will do, depending on the size of your pair, a 4X2 cage should be fine. I had a group of 2.3 and my largest girl was about 6.5ft and bred fine in a 4X2. I still have a few pics of the breeding pairs: http://www.ssscales.com/photoalbum.html

Also, setting up babies is tricky, to save yourself a lot of headaches, set the up in a 12-15qt sterilite/rubbermaid tub, with 1" of Aspen bedding so they can burrow under it. This will assist in getting baby Dumerils to feed, also feed live for their first 4-8 feedings and then switch to F/T. Once they are established and feeding, they are feeding machines! Dumerils are great boas, not too big, yet not small, very heavy bodied boas, but super docile! 
Member Comment 10/7/2015 8:13:11 PM


What gram weight should a female be for breeding? 

Member Comment 10/7/2015 8:16:43 PM


LizzyBorden, don't aim for a number. Aim for a female that is at least 5 years of age and in good body condition; not obese, and not too skinny.

Member Comment 10/7/2015 9:30:02 PM


I ask about weight because not all snakes are the size they should be for the age.  So what would a proper 4-5 year old weigh?

Member Comment 10/7/2015 9:35:52 PM


That is why you need to pay attention to body condition.

Duméril's boas vary a lot in theur mature size; both males and females have been known to mature as small as 4' or as large as 8', while 6' is usually the average. When that is normal, it would not be ethical to try to give one weight as a benchmark for breeding, IF anyone even had the data to discuss these numbers. The data isn't available. 

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