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Q: Essential Oils safe to diffuse around Ball Python?
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So I am a hugh supporter and user of essential oils for my own health, as well as the health of my pets.  I use various oils on my dog for everything from flea prevention to keeping her coat shiny.

My question is this;  is it safe to diffuse essential oils around my new Boa? I've read a few places that oils like melaleuca, frankincense, marjoram, and a few others can be great for preventin mites and boosting their overall health.  Any thought / suggestions on the benefits or disadvantages?  I would also love to hear what other people use on their babies both on a regular basis and in case of emergency.

Thanks in advance!

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No. When essential oils are diffused it overwhelms the respiratory system of animals like reptiles and birds. It doesn't matter if what is being diffused is safe for the animal in natural form; it's the level of concentration and delivery method. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy likewise warns against all use of essential oils with reptiles.

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I would agree with prex on this one. If you wanna prevent against mites use provent-a-mite (easy to obtain from a local reptile store for around $20). Dry your substrate out completely in the sun before treating it otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing. Once the substrate is bone dry spray it at a rate of about 1 second / sq. foot from a distance of about a foot and leave to air out for about 30 min. Keep in mind provent- a- mite can be fumy and that can cause neurological problems for your critter so treat the substrate outside of the tank. Outside is best. This treatment works for me generally for about a month. So repeat and do again every month when your clean your cage. 

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*coughpythonsaren'tboascough*...also what they said ^^

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No they arent but "esential oils" do not need to be used on reptiles period. 

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"No they arent but "esential oils" do not need to be used on reptiles period." I know, I was agreeing with you ^-^

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Sorry. Not used to people agreeing with me n the interweb. Cool

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Maybe it's one of those really rare ball boa hybrids......Yell

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