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Q: Tips on the Exo Terra mini fogger.
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How are these used in vivariums?

Long version:

I'm trying to figure out a way to use this in my Dart Frog terrarium. It needs a good few cm of water above it so I tried it in a 6.5cm dish covered with fabric mesh which works well for a few minutes, but that clogs up with water very soon, and gets dirt on it. I've seen the Lucky Reptile Fogger Cave Stone, but it is too shallow to hold enough water which is stupid, there's a vid on youtube showing it. The Exo terra waterfall medium size is too big for my terrarium.Of course I could seal it with silicone but then cleaning it would be a pain, I can see it becoming foul quickly, what could I put in the water to stop that that wouldn't kill my frogs? I susppose I could soak it in something but I'd like to be able to clean it properly.

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