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Q: Brazilian White Knee Tarantula how long does molting take?
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Hi all I have a general question about my new addition Arny. I got Arny last Thursday and Sunday she baracaded herself in her hide. From everything I read she is molting but can't get a answer on how long it will take with a Brazillian white knee tarantula. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Tags: Molting, Tarantula
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Accepted Answer 4/28/2021 6:06:21 PM


How was she acting the 2 days before that? I have very limited knowledge in this area btw but i can dig through old Q/A's to see if anyone has resolved a similar question.

Author Comment 4/28/2021 6:27:20 PM


She was acting fine, she seems to be fine today. I adjusted her moisture, and had to adjust a few things to keep the moisture. But I got up today and she was out and roaming around, ate and had some water. She a very healthy tarantula from. That i can tell. 

This breed is different than the rosie i had so over all I think that was my mistake assuming they where the same.

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