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Q: My young boa has a swollen abdomen and is not eating?
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My young boa has not eaten in several weeks and has a swelling in her abdomen.  She is in a very long shed cycle and otherwise seems normal.  Her last meal was a larger hopper but she ate it with no issues. 

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Topics: General Health , Feeding , Digestive
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Accepted Answer 5/15/2021 6:57:16 PM


Can you post a pic of the swelling?

Assisted Answer 5/17/2021 10:05:32 AM

Sonja K. Reptiles

If you feel right above the vent, does there feel like there's a hard urate? Does the swelled area feel hard or squishy? Does it seem to move within her somewhat or is it fixed in place?

Author Comment 5/29/2021 6:29:55 PM


Thank you for your responses.  Sadly, she has passed away.  

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