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Q: Are these viable Crestie eggs? (Photo included)
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Picked up a trio of cresties from a lady off of craigslist - sub-year olds, in good heath. Cage was pretty icky so I moved them to a temporary one with paper towels and plenty of hides while I cleaned out theirs and added some amenities. While I was shoveling out the soil I came across an egg - further careful explorations yielded one more. These may their first eggs, so I understand they're possibly infertile or old, etc, but can you judge that from this photo?


As far as I can tell they don't appear to be dented, but they are a soft creamish white colour with some yellow-orange spots/speckles. DOA or possibility? I've put them on a 1:1 vermiculite just in case they are viable.

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Topics: Egg Laying
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Species: Lizards > Geckos > Correlophus ciliatus
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Member Comment 4/9/2009 9:20:08 PM

I dont know cresty eggs, but ive seen other eggs look like that and hatch. The coloration could just be stains from the substrate. If they are firm and not sunk in or exceptionally moldy, i would keep them.

Can you candle them?
Accepted Answer 4/9/2009 9:34:13 PM

Krestie Kate
Where they in coco fiber before you moved them to the incubating substrate? If they were laid in coco fiber like eco-earth then they are dyed from the fiber. i've seen worst eggs hatch keep them and candle them in about a week if its pink with viens then you have good eggs.
Member Comment 4/9/2009 10:45:53 PM

They could be alot worse...and I've had a lot worse hatch. I'd be very careful moving them around and just leave em be for a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if they are good, which they look like. What's the worse that can happen...they don't hatch? Like Nate and Kate said, try candling them. If they are dark or opaque they might be quite a bit along. Seems to me that when you candle their eggs you notice the embryo and the size...not so much blood. Just try not to rotate them at all if possible. As far as the color is concerned, I've had them get discolored from the sub strait and some not...I think its all just rather relevant. Let us know how it goes!
Author Comment 4/10/2009 1:40:24 AM

Thank you so much for your answers - as Jim said, what have I got to lose? I just wanted to make sure they weren't obviously DOA. They were kept on a potting soil type substrate, so I can see how that would possibly affect the colour. Exciting! Again, thanks for taking the time to respond!
Member Comment 12/29/2011 11:10:44 PM


good luck! what a steal! im going to check my laybox now *crossing fingers* lol

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