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Q: Pastel Ball Python ID
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i need to know what kind of ball she is if she is just a normal or a pastel or what.

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Member Comment 8/7/2009 6:45:32 PM

i would say a pastel but that is a completely novice opinion but here is a good site so you can determined it yourself www.royallymorphedpythons.co.uk/collection.html

hope this helps :)
Member Comment 8/7/2009 7:01:33 PM

Looks like a normal to me.  How old is she?
Member Comment 8/7/2009 7:44:35 PM

My questions would be, where did it come from and how much did it cost? Simply based on the pic there are a few possibilities...Pastel, lesser platinum, fire, or axanthic pastel. All but the Pastel cost more than a hundred bucks each, you can pick up plain ol' pastels pretty cheap. So depending on where it came from and the price...well it could be any thing.

try these sites...http://www.ballpython.com/page.php?topic=morph


this one has a stunning collection of pictures and for the first one, if you e-mail a better quality picture to the Sutherlands they are pretty nice about offering an opinion of what you might have.
Member Comment 8/7/2009 9:37:18 PM

You can't tell from the picture that you posted. If you can get some that are in focus and show her head/eyes, I can tell you for sure if she's a pastel as they have light greenish eyes compared to the black of normal ball pythons.

From the basic coloring shown in your picture, she could be either a nice normal or a mediocre pastel.
Member Comment 8/8/2009 1:41:54 AM

Looks like a browned out Pastel to me..............
Member Comment 8/8/2009 8:24:12 AM

I agree with dalvers63; the picture is not the best quality for answering your question. 

My vote is that the snake is a "Pastel" though.  Most accumulate a lot of brown as they mature and look like this.  My biggest question would be how old is she?  If you know or could find out her age and post a better picture (it just takes some practice – I know BP's love to move all over when you're trying to take their picture), we would have a much easier time answering your question.
Accepted Answer 8/8/2009 8:11:57 PM

Looks like a browned out pastel.

Just for future reference, the signs of a pastel are green eyes, clear belly, blushing, and a faded head. If your snake has all of those, chances are it is a pastel.
Member Comment 8/9/2009 1:35:06 PM

That looks like a browned out pastel, like other people have said :)
Member Comment 8/25/2009 7:34:58 PM

I vote pastel.
Member Comment 8/31/2009 12:40:41 AM

I am fairly new at morp ownership myself but I picked a nice blonde pastel last week and I think yours looks a lot like it.I would say pastel from the pic,the areas that are nomally dark on the back are much lighter,some people call them flames?!
Member Comment 1/17/2011 7:12:27 AM


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