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Replies: 12
Tagged: Caging, Arboreal, Chondro, GTP, PVC
Zones: General Health, Caging
I plan to aquire a chondro soon and want to get the best caging I can so he/she will thrive. What do people suggest for a good PVC type cage? Something that will look nice, hold humidty and heat well and give an adult enough room to feel comfortable…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Heating, Chondro, GTP
Zones: General Health, Caging, Heating
I've used many different types of heating over the years but have never had a truly arboreal snake. Now that I'm working on a chondro setup, what do people recommend for heating sources? I'm inclined to go with Radiant heat panels over anything…

Replies: 3
Tagged: GTP
Zones: Egg Laying, Incubation
Hoping to be a successful Green Tree Python breeder someday, I am gathering all the info I can get. There are so many of my fellow Chondro owners out there that have already hit this mark. So I ask you, what type of nest boxes do you prefer?…

Replies: 10
Tagged: GTP, Death, Chondro, Sick
Zones: General Health
Here is what happend... let me know if you guys know what happend ? This month we just went thru a move, my boyfriend had moved my GTP to a new room in the basement, in his cage and everything.... he told me he hasen't eaten since we left the…

Replies: 6
Tagged: GTP, Breeder
Zones: General Health
I've been looking at a lot of sites lately, and I've looked over sites like signal herp, and brass jungle arboreals. I've just wondered what you all believe to be the best breeder of GTPs, and whether it should be a commercialized breeder or just a…

Replies: 24
Tagged: Biak, GTP, Refusedfood, Regurge
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Regurge
after feeding my biak gtp 1 rat pup, she looked interested in a 2nd, i gave it to her, she took it. after a couple days we noticed a nasty smell in the room, and looked at our snakes, i noticed she had regurgitated a rat that had started to be…

Replies: 8
Tagged: GTP, Caging
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans
I will be purchasing a Green Tree Python soon and was wondering if anyone has ever built a cage for their GTP?  If so could you give me some ideas and what materials on building a cage for it... Thanks

Replies: 21
Tagged: Handling, GTP
Zones: General Health
Ok... I am new at the Chondro thing but I am one who wants to hold my animals.  Terry and our friend Mel think that Sundrop is 2-2 .5 yrs old.  Terry said that he is very nippy.  Is there a way to break them of this?  and I know…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Chondro, GTP, Grounded, Feeding, Behavior, Health
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
I am taking care of a chondro for my fiance while he's away.  I am familiar with how the animal is cared for as I have been caring for him for quite sometime now.  The animal usually always eats a large mouse once a week (live, what he's…

Replies: 28
Tagged: Chondro, GTP, Morelia, Viridis, General, Care, Genetics, Breeders, Pricing
Zones: General Health, Caging, Heating
I have been contemplating getting into Chondros. Every time I see them here on the site, I want them more and more! I am very interested in getting into the "blue" lines of I believe it is the green tree python? I am unsure and that is why I…
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