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Replies: 5
Tagged: Health
Zones: General Health, Infectious Disease, Medications
I recieved my first crested for xmas, when I got it there was no signs of poor health around the vent or anywhere else.  Tonight I noticed a black spot at the vent which I assumed to be fecal matter, just a spot not a smear or an alarming…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Mites, Boas, Health
Zones: General Health, Medications
So, I've been fighting snake mites with a pair of my Boas for about a year now I've gone though 2 cycles of treatments, but after 6 months or so they alway seem to come back in force. Even though I make sure the mites are gone and everything is…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Amazon, Tree, Boa, Health, Ground, Corallus
Zones: General Health
hi all hope everybody is doing good. My question here is... I bought, last reptile show in montreal, a amazon tree boa(no pics yet sorry) and he is always on the ground during the day. He eats, temps and humidity is good. At night, he is always in…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Sickgecko, Feeding, Health
Zones: General Health, Medications
its ziggy he is 4 or 5 months old and he looks like a hachling he eats about 30 mealworms a week he has a cage mate but she is fine.

Replies: 12
Tagged: Heating, UTH, Health, Caging
Zones: General Health, Caging Plans, Heating
Sunday I got my first Reptile, a Ball Python, I have a "starter" terranium and just got a UTH, i placed it on the side of the tank though, i also heard its better to put it on the bottom, but my cage is sittin on a wooden table, so i put…

Replies: 19
Tagged: Tongue, Mouth, Health
Zones: General Health, Mouth
i noticed today that my baby borneo blood tongue doesnt fully extend basically just the forks come out. are baby borneo tongues just alot smaller then other snakes or is there another reason maybe mouth rot but theres no imflammation or nuting

Replies: 12
Tagged: Health, Quarantine
Zones: General Health, Infectious Disease, Parasites
i have a green iguana and I am looking to get a ball python, but one of my friends who "supposedly" knows alot about reptiles said that you can't keep the 2 in the same room due to diseases. I wanna know how that makes sense b/c the…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Eyes, Shed, Health, General
Zones: Skin, General Health
My ball pythons eyes were cloudy for a couple days but she never shed, nor did she eat on friday which is when i feed her every week. shes not even acting hungry today and tmw is feeding day again. Now her eyes arent cloudy, is she still gonna shed…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Defecation, Digestive, Health
Zones: Digestive, General Health
My Red Tail Boa has not deficated in 3 weeks, what is wrong, and what can I do to help?

Replies: 14
Tagged: Bite, Health, Teeth, Mouth
Zones: Mouth, General Health
hey my boa bit me today and i was checking were she bit me and i found two teeth is she going to be ok and do they grow back or should i take her to a vet this is the first time she bit me and left teeth
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