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Replies: 10
Tagged: Parasites
Zones: Feeding
 hi! random odd question here.  I'll be getting a Mock Viper in 3 weeks, naturally they eat frogs and lizards. So my plan is to go out and catch smaller frogs and freeze them, for scenting and if I have to, feeding purposes. If I…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Parasites, Leopardgecko, Dewormers
Zones: General Health
Hi, I was wondering what you guys use to deworm leopard geckos? Just as a general dewormer. When I worked at an animal hospital I discovered that pretty much EVERY lizard that ate crickets had pinworms or coccidia, even if it had no symptoms. I know…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Mites, Ballpython, Parasites
Zones: Parasites
So today I was holding my Ball Python and I see these little itty bitty bugs. All I could think was "OMG MITES!!!!" Unfortunately it is fourth of July weekend so I don't think the pet store will be open to get anything to get rid of…

Replies: 16
Tagged: Mites, Parasites, Disease, Health, Prevention
Zones: Infectious Disease, Medications, Parasites
Soooo...  Lisa arrived back home yesterday fresh from Daytona with a new bloodred corn and a female Savu for our boy, only to discover mites living in Gywn the Macklott's and Angus the Olive pythons.  We have both been researching the…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Health, Eyes, Ants, Parasites
Zones: Skin, Medications, Eyes
Ok, I have a pair of Russian torts on a concrete block-made pen outside. I bought some hibiscus plants yesterday and planned to plant them, but rain did not let me. So today I go to take on the task, but could not find one of the torts. Well,…

Replies: 17
Tagged: Mites, Parasites, Treatment
Zones: General Health, Disinfectants, Parasites
Anyone know where to get an uninvasive form of mite control, found spray form, burm python doesn't like being sprayed or anything else 4 that matter. Year ago used a container w/holes in it with some form of disc or gel or something trying to…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Elaphe, Parasites, Defecation, Respiratory, Health
Zones: Digestive, Respiratory, General Health
My Taiwanese Beauty Ratsnake Is having problems i think... im not too sure if this is normal or not, i couldnt find anything about it on the internet. everytime we pick him up we hear a cracking noise from inside him. and when he poops its like bird…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Chondro, Lethargic, Illness, Neonate, Feeding, Parasites, Mites, Behavior
Zones: General Health, Knowledge Base, Parasites
I got a baby biak at the Reptile show on LI about 3 weeks ago.  Animal fed when I took it home that day - fuzzy.  I waited till it deficated about a week later and fed it again.  Animal seemed very healthy and lively.  It…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Defecation, Parasites, Infection, Illness
Zones: General Health, Parasites , Infectious Disease
hey guys i found out thats its not a upper respiratory infection but she excreated a kind of snotty feces. i talked to a friend and he said it might be parasites any ideas? thanks guys

Replies: 44
Tagged: EFix, Nematode, Supplements, Feeding, Parasites, Gecko, Medication
Zones: General Health, Medications
I already posted this question but the person who answered just read off the bag. I was wondering if it was safe to feed little geckos the medicine for entomebas and nemotodes, they show no signs of it, but I thought just to be safe I'd give all my…
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