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Replies: 12
Tagged: Ballpython, Markings, Coloration
Zones: General Health
So, Starfire is a rescue from October 2nd.  She was a bit overweight and relly headshy when i got her.  Shes doing really well, but im curious about her markings.  Shes got  very erratic pattern  closest to her head, and a…

Replies: 1
Tagged: Ballpython, Breeding
Zones: General Health
I am considering buying a pair of yellow bellied ball pythons. I've seen that they can produce ivory clutches. $200 for a breeding pair, good deal? Thanks!

Replies: 1
Tagged: Rescue, Ballpython, Snake, Adoption
Zones: General Health
I was contacted by someone in Missouri who is looking to adopt a ball python. While I could probably arrange to ship one of the ones we have in foster care, I'd much prefer to find someone local that can work with them to get the best pet for their…

Replies: 20
Tagged: Ballpython
Zones: Digestive, Disinfectants
Last feeding time, Hurricane...   skipped her meal.  She wasnt even interested.  Its very abnormal for her to skip a meal, shes usually my garbage disposal when other snakes dont want to eat.  So ive been keeping an eye on…

Replies: 16
Tagged: Ballpython, Feeding, FT, Heating
Zones: Feeding, Heating
I asked this question in my other post, but I want to get as much feedback as possible, so it gets its own page I recently aquired a female het pied to go with my male.   shes doing great.  the breeder before me had her on…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Breeding, Incubator, Ballpython
Zones: Heating, Egg Laying, Incubation
Sigfried here, I am soon to breed ball pythons -- monohybrid crosses -- and was wondering which incubators, substrates, etc. you prefer.  Also, what are some recommended settings.  Lastly, any tips on procedures would be accepted!…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Beardeddragon, Ballpython
Zones: Caging, Heating
After reading all of the horror stories about leaving pets unattended, I've decided to ask a few questions about it. The hubby and I will be leaving this Friday morning to Wyo for his sister's college graduation, which will be on Saturday, and we…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Ballpython, Burn, Belly
Zones: Skin
I picked up my het. Pied male a few days ago n i noticed some marks on his belly that i thought were burns, but a friend of mine *without seeing a picture* said it might be scale rot.  Ill attach some pics.  I treated him with a betadine…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Mites, Ballpython, Parasites
Zones: Parasites
So today I was holding my Ball Python and I see these little itty bitty bugs. All I could think was "OMG MITES!!!!" Unfortunately it is fourth of July weekend so I don't think the pet store will be open to get anything to get rid of…
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