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Questions Tagged 'Swollen' (6 Questions Found)
Replies: 14
Tagged: Swollen, Drainage, Duct, Chondro, Respiratory, Infection
Zones: General Health, Eyes, Respiratory
I've got a chondro who has "pop eye" ... like pop eye in fish, but a snake. Apparently, there's a duct that flushes through the roof of the mouth. Apparently, it's not working. Wish I had pictures, will tomorrow or sunday ...…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Feeding, Injury, Swollen, Skeletal, Illness, Stargazing
Zones: Feeding, Medications, Infectious Disease
my scrub python has two swollen areas, that go from her belly to her back.almost looks like broken ribs at first glance but its obviously spine related. her movement is similiar to that of a snake that has sungazers disease. she is starting to lose…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Injury, Fall, Blood, Swollen, Mouth
Zones: Finding A Vet, General Health, Mouth
My children were playing with our ball python today and he had a bad fall off the bed. Underneath his neck is swollen and he also has a bit of blood tinged fluid coming out of his mouth. He is curled up tightly and is staying in his hide. I don't…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Firebellytoad, Swollen
Zones: Mouth
I've been out of town the past few days and when I came home this afternoon, I noticed that my female fire bellied toad had an extremely swollen throat sack. It's sagging to the point where it touches the gound. She's usually quite plump and…

Replies: 19
Tagged: Mouth, Swollen
Zones: Digestive, Mouth, Disinfectants
My 23 year old corn snake has had her mouth open for the past week or so. It has happened before and would go away after I fed her, but this past week it hasn't changed. She is also having problems shedding the skin on the top of her head. Is this…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Cornsnake, Hemipenes, Swollen, Tail
Zones: General Health
I have an adult male corn snake, about 6-7 years-old. He did a perfect shed last night, and also pooped. This morning though, I saw that the tail area around the hemipenes is swollen. It doesn't feel hard to the touch, but I'm slightly worried. What…
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