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Replies: 7
Tagged: Python, Retained, Shed, Eyecaps, Heat, Pits, Infection
Zones: General Health, Eyes
I was given Hobbs, a 10 year old Ball Python, this last Sunday. He has retained eye caps and feeding problems (only refusal due to temps, feeds f/t otherwise). His mouth and heat pit health is questionable, though he isn't showing any signs of RI or…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Dumerils, Boa, Respiratory, Infection, Adoption
Zones: General Health, Respiratory, Heating
So last week our family found an ad on craiglist for a beautiful Dumeril's Boa.  At a wonderful price too for a grown adult female!  I quickly jumped on it and inquired.  The owner sounded very knowledgeable and the snake was being…

Replies: 21
Tagged: Mouth, Infection, Caging, Substrate, Sterile, Injury
Zones: Mouth, Caging, Infectious Disease
Dear iHerp Members: The problem with all commercially available substrates? My male tegu, Jagua, like others of his species, loves to dig, tunnel, plough around in his substrate. But no mater what I've used, he eventually gets small slivers or…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Eyes, Infection, Gecko, Health
Zones: Eyes, Infectious Disease
I just received a leopard gecko from my brothers ex girlfriend. He is maybe 5yrs old. Or somewhere around there. I had noticed his eye looked infected. Pus, and swollen. His other eye got like that too. He was in shed. I have read up that it…

Replies: 14
Tagged: Swollen, Drainage, Duct, Chondro, Respiratory, Infection
Zones: General Health, Eyes, Respiratory
I've got a chondro who has "pop eye" ... like pop eye in fish, but a snake. Apparently, there's a duct that flushes through the roof of the mouth. Apparently, it's not working. Wish I had pictures, will tomorrow or sunday ...…

Replies: 12
Tagged: Respiratory, Infection, Illness, Wheezing, Python, Regius, Health
Zones: Respiratory
My 6 year old ball python is weezing  and seems to be struggling to breath...I am taking him into the vets first thing tomorrow morning but was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences? He is just starting to get ready to shed but…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Intramuscular, Injections, Antibiotics, Respiratory, Infection
Zones: Respiratory, Infectious Disease, Medications
I believe my redtail boa has a respiratory infection (RI). I know it requires intramuscular (IM) injections.  I can get my own antibiotics. Where do I give the injections?  I am familiar with mammals, not snakes.  Thanks.

Replies: 10
Tagged: Respiratory, Infection, Mucus, Bci, Illness
Zones: General Health, Respiratory, Feeding
My Redtail Boa contrictor a few days ago excreated a greenish yellow mucus string kindas like a booger. she hasnt eaten in four weeks. i was told mabey it could be a upper respitory infection. if anyone can help that would be great. the tanks around…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Defecation, Parasites, Infection, Illness
Zones: General Health, Parasites , Infectious Disease
hey guys i found out thats its not a upper respiratory infection but she excreated a kind of snotty feces. i talked to a friend and he said it might be parasites any ideas? thanks guys

Replies: 9
Tagged: Scale, Rot, Infection, Treatment, Python, Molurus, Bivittatus, Substrate, Caging
Zones: Skin, Infectious Disease, Caging
    I have a burmese python that has some scale rot and I need some advice. I have taken her from where she was and brought her home to a larger cage. she has about 25 scales that look waxy and dark yellow. she is eating and drinking…
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