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Replies: 2
Tagged: Tinley, Albino, Ball, Pythons
Zones: Egg Laying
Hey, is anyone actually setting up at tinley? If so, are you gonna have any albino ball pythons?? (Baby females?) Me and my boyfirnd are going and hes hopeing to picl up 4 unrealted females, so any bloodline will help!  Thanks, Kylee Aaron!

Replies: 3
Tagged: Black, Rat, Snake, Albino, Het, White, Sided, Genetics
Zones: Genetics
I have a male Albino Black rat snake.  I'm wanting to get a breeding project together to produce more albinos.  A fellow who frequents the same shows as I do has a het albino white sided black rat snake.  I'm curious if this would be…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Genetics, Reticulatus, Python, Albino, Tiger, Heterozygous
Zones: Genetics
does anybody know what you would get if you breed a male tiger reticulated python (poss. HET. albino) to a female lavender albino?

Replies: 21
Tagged: Lavender, Albino, Morph, Python, Regius, Breeders, Buying, Price
Zones: Genetics, Knowledge Base
I was just wondering if anyone knew about the LAvender Albino Ball pythons... I am doing soe research on them and would love to get into them. The hard part is finding people that sell them and what price they are going at right now.  Any…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Eryx, Colubrinus, Albino, Buying, Breeders
Zones: Knowledge Base
Was wondering if anyone was breeding Kenyan Boas this year Prefferably Albinos. Was looking to get one. I don't really see anyone posting any in the classifieds. If you are or planning to let me know i would love to pre buy one.

Replies: 3
Tagged: Genetics, Caramel, Albino, Ball, Python, Regius, Kinking
Zones: General Health, Ovulation, Egg Laying
I was looking to buy a caramel albino from someone and they said she has a kink. I have been doing tons of research on BPs. Because i was thinking of possibly at some point of breeding BPs. I don't know everything but the person said it is normal…

Replies: 15
Tagged: Ballpythons, Albino
When I got my first ball python, about 15 years ago, there were two options:  regular ball or albino.. also hets.  A regular cost around $100, give or take $25 and depending on where it was purchased.  Albinos cost about twice…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Cornsnake, Breeding, Albino, Butter, Pewter, Genetics
Zones: Genetics
I have a butter motley female cornsnake. She is a baby yet but I plan all of my projects way ahead of time! I'm trying to figure out if I want to just breed her to my amel male, or if I want to see what her and the pewter male may produce. Anyone…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Ball, Python, Regius, Breeding, Selling, Morphs, Albino
Zones: Genetics
i'm expecting to get some albino yellowbelly ball pythons, i just need to know how much to sell them for.

Replies: 5
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, Genetics, Gongylophis, Colubrinus, Albino, Anery, KSB
Zones: Genetics
Okay, here's the deal. My ALBINO female sand boa just dropped 10 babies.  Thing that has me stumped is 4 are Anery(black and white) and the rest appear normal. Now the kicker is I don't have any anery males, only an albino and some normal…
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