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Replies: 7
Tagged: Boa, Sick, Help, Baby, Diarrhea
Zones: General Health, Digestive
 My new baby Cental American Boas have been having diarrhea from the time I bought them... Is it common for baby snakes to have this problem? are they going to be ok? There are no vets around where I live that deal with Snakes They are both…

water monitor
Posted By: rich
Replies: 8
Tagged: Monitor, Growth, Adult, Baby, Size, Time
Zones: Feeding, Caging
how long does it take for an asian water monitor to get fully grown form a baby?

Replies: 3
Tagged: Breeding, Baby
Zones: Knowledge Base
Ok this is probably a silly question but I couldn't find any info in the FAQ or when searching existing questions. On the Iherp front page is shows 'the newest babies'. How do I add a baby from a breeding project? I did not see any options…

Replies: 25
Tagged: New, Baby, Ball, Boa, Brb
Zones: General Health, Caging
Hey all u peeps, I'm getting a new snake but which one should i get? my limit is about 7 ft so anything around there( i dont want it too small).  I was looking at brb's but i really didn't wanna pay more than $100.  I like boas and…

Replies: 1
Tagged: Kenyan, Boa, Sand, Baby, Weight, Age
Zones: General Health
I went to the ReptiCon in Sarasota this past Saturday and took home a little baby Kenyan Sand Boa. It is about 7 to 9 inches in length, and weighs 14grams. I am not sure how old this snake is, but I would like to get a rough estimate. I bought it as…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Ballpython, New, Baby, Hatchling, Food, Fuzzy, Eat
Zones: Feeding
Hey iherpers, I got my first snake about a week ago and thought it was about ready to feed him(or her, don't really know).  I got a live fuzzy from the place i got it and stupidly, put it in the cage.  It was there for about a day and…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Sandboa, Feedingproblems, Frozen, Thawed, Pinkies, Baby, Small
Zones: General Health, Feeding
Well if you look at Apollyons feeding recoreds which I put on the site. He's only eaten 3 times since I got him on July 22. I offer him food every week. I've tried live and he denied it so I'm just sticking to frozen/thawed pinkies. I've also done…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Baby, Chondro
Zones: Neonate Rearing
Why does it seem like red gtps are more "expensive" than yellows? Is there any real difference besides color?

Replies: 8
Tagged: Crested, Crestedgecko, Crestedgeckos, Baby, Ciliatus
Zones: Skin, Mouth, Limbs
Okay so i have this baby crestie thats really sick it wont move and when it does it squirms everywhere it was dragging its legs and at first i thought it couldnt use them but it seems weak because it did move them for a little bit also the top of…

Replies: 14
Tagged: Ballpython, Feedingproblems, Baby
Zones: Skin, Feeding, Mouth
Everytime I feed my new ball python I got about a month ago from petsmart she/he attempts to eat the fuzzy feeder mouse, and everytime she strikes and peels back the skin, or chunks of the head and has difficulty swallowing the pieces and then will…
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