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Replies: 30
Tagged: Ballpythons, Caging
Zones: Caging
hi i was just wandering is it ok to house three ball pythons in the same cage because people keep telling me its ok and some are telling me its not ok and im a little confused so if you know please let me know thanks  

Replies: 3
Tagged: Ballpythons, Find, Pastelballpython
Zones: Caging Plans
I'm looking to pick up a medium sized female pastel ball python this year. I would like her to be anywhere from 300-700 grams approx. I would like to find one with a high yellow contrast and little to no browning. I am looking to keep my cost around…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Ballpythons, Feeding
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Finding A Vet
I bought my ball from a petstore about three, almost four, weeks ago. She's about 18 inches long (don't know how much she weighs). She has one hide box on the warm side, but plenty of vegetation on the cooler side for her to hide in. The temperature…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Ballpythons
Zones: General Health
Does my little baby Cyenna look like an orange hypo to you?  He doesnt look like a normal to me... I posted one picture that is an orange hypo, a pastel jungle, and a spot nose, because he does have 2 identival circles on each side of his…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Ballpythons, Female, Genetics
Zones: Cycling
I have read on several sites that the female does not pass on het genes, that they have to be visual's to pass on any genes. Can any one clear this up for me???

Replies: 6
Tagged: Ballpythons, Genetics
Zones: Genetics
Hello, I was wondering how to put up the babies of this pairing 100% het Ghost to a Pastel 100% Ghost. I know that if you put two hets together all hets are 66% poss. but with this pairing you get. Normals, Normals 100% het Ghost, Ghost,…

Replies: 9
Tagged: Ballpythons
Zones: Digestive
Ok so here is the deal.. My husband just recently got a ball python from one of the local pet store around here. we have had him now for about three months now and he is very healthy, shed great without any troubles, is a very agressive eater and is…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Ballpython, Ballpythons, Pastel, Spider, Pinstripe, Geneticstripe
Zones: Genetics
Hey i was going to start breeding and wondering the costs of some balls.  I was thinking spiders, pastels, pinstripes, and genetic stripes.  What are your prices or prices at shows?? couldn't find many prices online.. THanks

Replies: 16
Tagged: Ball, Ballpython, Ballpythons, Morph, Morphs, Genetics
Zones: Genetics
We were given this sub-adult ball python a few months ago as both a gift, and a rescue. When we got him he was pretty underweight, but after a few solid meals, he's looking a lot more healthy.  Because of the way he came to us, we have nothing…

Replies: 15
Tagged: Ballpythons, Albino
When I got my first ball python, about 15 years ago, there were two options:  regular ball or albino.. also hets.  A regular cost around $100, give or take $25 and depending on where it was purchased.  Albinos cost about twice…
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