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Replies: 62
Tagged: Hybrid, Chondro, Ball, Carpet, Blood
Zones: Copulation, Egg Laying, Livebearers
Alright Guys and Gals I want to know what your opinions on Hybrids are?  I think It's starting to get out of hand.  I personaly am kind of mixed on them.  I have a Superball  Ball x Blood .  That I inherited from a buddy…

Replies: 16
Tagged: Defecation, Borneo, Blood, Python, Problem
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
I have a one year old Borneo Blood Python. I keep his cage at a constant 80-82 degrees and about 65% humidity. I feed him pre-killed rats about once every 9 or 10 days. I bought him in August, and since then have fed him on a regular schedule. …

Replies: 19
Tagged: Blood, Python, Frozen, Thawed, Feeding
Zones: Feeding
I've been feeding my borneo blood python pre-killed rats for the past 4 months that I've had him. I've been gradually trying to get him to take frozen-thawed, but he never went for them in the past. Tonight I tried, and he actually took the thawed…

Replies: 11
Tagged: Shedding, Blood, Shed
Zones: General Health, Skin
If you ever looked closely at your snake's shed skin, you'll often see a small amount of dried blood, usually as two bilateral dots at the vent. I've observed this in both male and female snakes. I'm sure it's no cause for concern, but I'd be…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Boa, Morph, Blood, Identification
Zones: Skin
Hello, Everyone I'm boggeled!!! I aquired a snake recently, that came from the Serpentarium in Wa. He looks to be a Blood Boa. He has a ton of red in him, but does not glow red like most I see all over the internet. He is only 4' and looks very…

Replies: 20
Tagged: Inappetance, Anorexia, Blood
Zones: General Health, Feeding, Digestive
hello everyone i have a baby black blood python that is not eating and shes getting the wrinkles. She has been a good eatter then it all stoped. all the temps. and humidity are were there supposed to be so i dont know whats going on. please…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Eyes, Blood
Zones: Eyes
I posted earlier about taking Leo to the vet for his signs of lethargy/not eating.  He is doing a bit better, has eaten and seems more active, but that right eye still remained closed.  Well i took him out of his cage today to soak him and…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Injury, Fall, Blood, Swollen, Mouth
Zones: Finding A Vet, General Health, Mouth
My children were playing with our ball python today and he had a bad fall off the bed. Underneath his neck is swollen and he also has a bit of blood tinged fluid coming out of his mouth. He is curled up tightly and is staying in his hide. I don't…

Replies: 13
Tagged: Blood, Python, Brongersmai, Feeding, Rescue
Zones: General Health, Feeding
I recieved a rescue blood python that is in pretty bad shape. I've tried to feed and force feed but he just spits out anything I can get him to start, anyone have any tips or tricks that may help? And he's only about a foot long but very thin so any…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Acclimation, Borneo, Blood, Python
Zones: General Health, Feeding
Hey, I'm new to the website. My Borneo Blood Python arrived today (pics to come soon) and I'm wondering how long I should wait to feed him. The guy I bought him from said he was fed every Tuesday, but I didn't feed him today because I wanted him to…
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