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Replies: 2
Tagged: Bci, Boas, Breeding
Zones: General Health, Livebearers
When do you know if your Columbian / Common Boa (Bci) is ready to breed? (I figured since the topic of breeding size has been asked about BPs, I'll ask this, too.)

Replies: 8
Tagged: Boas
Zones: Skin
hi, i just bought a red-tailed boa froma  pet shop, when i took it home, i gave him a lil bath.. then when he came out, his skin was shinning like a rainbow... and its still like that... could he be a rainbow red-tailed boa>???  you…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Mites, Boas, Health
Zones: General Health, Medications
So, I've been fighting snake mites with a pair of my Boas for about a year now I've gone though 2 cycles of treatments, but after 6 months or so they alway seem to come back in force. Even though I make sure the mites are gone and everything is…

Replies: 2
Tagged: Housing, Boas, Buildingmaterials
Zones: Caging, Caging Plans
I was wanting to build up my own caging for my snakes...you know, save some space and also that awesome custom caging everyone desires.... So I was wondering if anyone here had any desing plans they were willing to share for buliding custom cages?

Replies: 10
Tagged: Tubs, Boas, Setup, Caging, Humidity, Substrate, RTB
Zones: General Health, Mouth, Caging
I recently moved into a small apartment and moved my boa into a tub out of an aquarium. I have been having problems with the humidity being too high and she keeps getting substrate packed in the sides of her mouth. She is about a year and a half old…

Replies: 14
Tagged: Boa, Boas
Zones: Caging
They say you can't believe everything you see on tv/net so I'm coming to to clarify!! I seen a guy with 3 adult RTB's in one tank. HUGE tank! He said they were all roughly 6-7 feet, all male, and he nver had an issue with them. I have seen people…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Breeding, Boas, Female
Zones: General Health, Copulation, Livebearers
Okay I have looked at care sheet unpon care sheet, website apon website and can't seem to get an actual answer. How big does a Female boa have to be to breed? Everyone says 3 years. That tells me how OLD they need to be, not how big. And I know the…

Replies: 1
Tagged: Vet, Boa, Boas, Herp, Reptile, Ut, Utah
Zones: General Health
I am in central Utah, and can go either north (SLC) or south (Provo/Spanish) to the vet. I just wondered if anyone local had good/bad experiences to share about different clinics/vets, and their care. I would like to find a decent reptile vet who…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Boas, Morphs, Coloration
Zones: Genetics
I have an anery boa and Im just now finding out there are different types. very confused, and finding info on boa morphs isnt to easy. can anyone help???

Replies: 10
Tagged: Boas
Zones: Skin, Genetics
I was wondering about this little boa, is he just a "normal" phase or is he a possible "jungle".  I was told he was a possible jungle, but was 100% het for albino. Just not sure what would qualify him as a jungle. He is very beautiful with…
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