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Questions Tagged 'Breeder' (3 Questions Found)
Replies: 6
Tagged: GTP, Breeder
Zones: General Health
I've been looking at a lot of sites lately, and I've looked over sites like signal herp, and brass jungle arboreals. I've just wondered what you all believe to be the best breeder of GTPs, and whether it should be a commercialized breeder or just a…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, Breeder
Zones: Livebearers
I am looking to purchase some Kenyans. I am mainly interested in Anerys, but I will consider other morphs as well. If anyone knows of a good and reputable breeder, please let me know.

Replies: 12
Tagged: Ballpython, Morph, Snake, Breeder
Zones: Skin, Genetics
What morph is he? I have no idea about genetic background. And the shades of yellow are much brighter he is currently in shed
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