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Questions Tagged 'Discoloration' (6 Questions Found)
Replies: 27
Tagged: Skin, Discoloration, Cornsnake, Pantherophis, Guttata
Zones: Skin, Medications, Cycling
I was changing out water dishes and inspecting my brumating corns today, and noticed my butter corn male had a dry patch on his back. There is no moisture in his hide boxes and the room he is being brumated in(wine cellar) is 55 degrees with minimal…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Kenyan, Sand, Boa, KSB, Scales, Skin, Discoloration, Feeding, Gongylophis, Colubrinus
Zones: Skin, Feeding
My kenyan sand boa has not eaten in 3 weeks. Last night while watching him I found this odd white patch of scales on his back (see pic) He seems extremly agitated, and just roams gis cage all day which is very strange for him considering that he…

Replies: 8
Tagged: Illness, Husbandry, Sickness, Redbelly, Discoloration, Help
Zones: General Health, Skin, Infectious Disease
Several of our snakes are exhibiting red belly discoloration. Three ball pythons and then found it as well today on our pewter corn. Can anyone help with any ideas of what might cause this? The only thing i can think of so far is the temps are…

Replies: 4
Tagged: Scales, Color, Pigment, Snake, Ballpython, Regius, Coloration, Discoloration
Zones: Skin
During my bp's last shed cycle, she lost a line of pigment on her head. I also believe she's turning grey but I think I'm just crazy. Wondering If anyone knows whats going on. She's seems fine, just missing color. It's not as drastic as the "IMG" bp…

Replies: 10
Tagged: Shedding, Discoloration, Ballpython
Zones: General Health, Skin, Caging
I have a 2 1/2 ft Pastel Ball Python. I've had him for about a month & he had ate twice with no problems. He shed about 4 days ago, during shedding he was rubbing against a rock to get the skin off. Today I noticed white spots / discoloration on…

Replies: 6
Tagged: Scale, Discoloration, Ratsnake, Elaphe
Zones: General Health, Skin, Medications
Hi, i need some help with my Radiated Ratsnake. It shed today and the scale color suddenly turned uneven / having patches of pale scales towards the tail. Before this, the color was evenly brown and i have not seen it being like this before. I keep…
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