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Questions Tagged 'Dumerils' (7 Questions Found)
Replies: 9
Tagged: Dumerils, Breeding, Boa
Zones: Cycling, Copulation, Livebearers
I've done quite a bit of research, but I still can't find a good page on how to breed Dumerils boas! Are they like other BCI's with the breeding season starting now? What's the gestation period? How many babies can I expect? What's the best…

Replies: 43
Tagged: Dumerils, Boa, IBD, Cantgetup
Zones: General Health, Finding A Vet
Some of you may know, my parents purchased a pair of Dumeril's boas at an expo in August. They're wonderful, pretty boas, and we're all already in love... However, "Jack" has an issue. He seems to get rolled over on his back sometimes,…

Replies: 5
Tagged: Dumerils, Humidity
Zones: General Health, Skin
A question for the Dumerils owners... how high do you keep the humidity at in your cage setups? As we're getting closer to a NY winter, the overall humidity in my house has dropped a lot. The current humidity in Celia's tank is only around 30%.…

Replies: 3
Tagged: Dumerils, Boa, Respiratory, Infection, Adoption
Zones: General Health, Respiratory, Heating
So last week our family found an ad on craiglist for a beautiful Dumeril's Boa.  At a wonderful price too for a grown adult female!  I quickly jumped on it and inquired.  The owner sounded very knowledgeable and the snake was being…

Replies: 14
Tagged: Dumerils, Ballpython
Zones: Caging Plans
Hello, I am a fairly novice snake keeper, I have one ball python that I purchased in September 2010. My buddy's dad breeds many snakes and he offered me a free baby dumerils boa… I was wondering if they are much harder to take care of than a ball…

Replies: 18
Tagged: Waterbowls, Burrowing, Dumerils
Zones: Caging, Water
So my Dumeril's boa LOVES to burrow. I've recently moved him from a tub to a large tank filled ~1/3 full of aspen/cypress mulch mix. But here's the conundrum. Every water dish I put in there ends up toppled over. I've tried small dishes, large…

Replies: 7
Tagged: Noteating, Dumerili, Dumerils, Neonate
Zones: Feeding, Neonate Rearing
My young Dumeril's boa that I bought about 2 months ago has still not eaten with me. I force fed her yesterday because she is starting to lose some weight. She took it fine and hasn't regurged. I've tried mice that are thawed, prekilled, and live,…
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